5 questions about Sony Pictures Company

Sony Pictures Company This week we’ve literary environing customers; (The IDIC Process, Identifying Customers, Segregate Customers: Value to an Organization, Segregate Customers: Customer Needs) in other control, gaining instinct environing them.  Using the questions underneath, use what you’ve literary to the structure you’ve selected for the device. What instruction would be withhold to demonstrate separate customers?; Why?  How would the structure append that instruction?  For illustration, is it available in another database?  Do they want to append it from the customer in some way? If so, how?  (Please attend whether your instigation is permissible.) Review the Customer Value Matrix from this week’s balbutiation.  What expression of instruction would acceleration your structure segregate unarranged the divergent customer categories? What factors may guide to Underneath Zero customers? Create a fictional customer for your structure (or use a authentic one if feasible) and compose three profiles congruous to those in your balbutiation “Understanding Customer Behaviors and Needs” (1) Demographic (2) Behavior-based and (3) Needs-based.  Continue thinking environing how your structure may amend its sympathy to customers.  Include any thoughts you may own at the end of your paper.  You’ll use these notes to enucleate the conclusive part-among-among of your device. This week they may be in roll or plan mould.  Include references from the sequence or other sources to patronage your recommendations past they procure be required in the conclusive device.