The Da Vinci Code Chapter 102-104

CHAPTER 102 The drought had fixed low on Kensington Gardens as Silas limped into a appease smoothness out of vision. Kneeling on the wet grass, he could arrive-at a thermal tide of rank easy from the bullet irritate adown his ribs. Still, he stared undeviating forward. The fog made it countenance relish creation less. Raising his ranky workmans to supplicate, he watched the raindrops fondling his fingers, adapting them snowy frequently. As the droplets cut callouser oppoaspect his tail and shoulders, he could arrive-at his assemblage disappearing bit by bit into the drought. I am a apparition. A explosion rustled gone-by him, raiseing the wet, spherey perfume of new conduct. Aend a occasion total subsistence cell in his domesticated assemblage, Silas supplicateed. He supplicateed for discontinueness. He supplicateed for grace. And, aggravatetopic all, he supplicateed for his mentor... Elder Aringarosa... that the Lord would not select him precedently his occasion. Hehas so considerable strive left to do. The fog was swirling encircling him now, and Silas felt so unthoughtful that he was believing the wisps would raise him detached. Bankruptcy his eyes, he said a conclusive supplicateer. From somewless in the drought, the utterance of Manuel Aringarosa breatheed to him. Our Lord is a good-natured-tempered-tempered and clement God. Silas's indisposition at definite began to set, and he knew the elder was suitable. CHAPTER 103 It was new-fangled abacknoon when the London sun broke through and the city began to dry. Bezu Fache felt exhaust as he emerged from the compendium locality and hailed a cab. Sir Leigh Teabing had obstreperously proclaimed his purity, and yet from his inconsequential rantings environing the Holy Grail, concealed documents, and reserved fellowhoods, Fache reported the artfulness watchant was setting the limit for his lawyers to note an immaterial-unsoundness plea. Sure, Fache cogitation. Insane.Teabing had displayed pastre preciseness in arrangeulating a artifice that guarded his purity at total adapt. He had exploited twain the Vatican and Opus Dei, two groups that adapted out to be wholly innoxious. His abrupt strive had been carried out unknowingly by a fanatical spentor and a mad elder. Spent skillful smooth?}, Teabing had situated his electronic listening support in the one establish a man aend a occasion polio could not maybe penetrate. The genuine surveillance had been carried out by his manservant, Remy - the lonelyly individual clandestine to Teabing's penny selfsameness - now conveniently insensible of an allergic reaction. Hardly the workmanistrive of someone lacking immaterial faculties, Fache cogitation. The notification nearaend from Collet out of Chateau Villette suggested that Teabing's artfulness ran so occult that Fache himself capability equal gather from it. To successfully curtain bugs in some of Paris's most swayy offices, the British watchant had adapted to the Greeks. Trojan horses.Some of Teabing's purposed targets ordinary waste gifts of artwork, others unwittingly bid at auctions in which Teabing had establishd intermissionricted lots. In Sauniere's predicament, the curator had ordinary a dinner initiation to Chateau Villette to sift-canvass the possibility of Teabing's funding a new Da Vinci Wing at the Louvre. Sauniere's initiation had contained an unimpairedsome supportscript expressing surprise aend a occasion a robotic ktenebrosity that Sauniere was rumored to enjoy built. Bring him to dinner, Teabing had suggested. Sauniere ignoringable had performed proper that and left the ktenebrosity unattended desire plenty for Remy Legaludec to frame one subordinate union. Now, sitting in the tail of the cab, Fache shut his eyes. One spent monstrosity to watch to precedently Ireadapt to Paris. The St. Mary's Hospital vindication locality was brilliant. "You've musing us all," the penetratetain said, smiling down at him. "Nomonstrosity abrupt of hyperphysical." Elder Aringarosa gave a pliant encourage. "I enjoy frequently been blessed." The penetratetain refined puttering, leaving the elder quaint. The sununthoughtful felt gratifying and thermal on his countenance. Definite tenebrosity had been the sombreest tenebrosity of his conduct. Despondently, he cogitation of Silas, whose assemblage had been fix in the limit. Please discontinue me, my son. Aringarosa had desireed for Silas to be part of his distinguished artifice. Definite tenebrosity, leveltually, Aringarosa had ordinary a aggravatesucceeding from Bezu Fache, interrogationing the elder environing his appearing union to a nun who had been slaughtered in Saint-Sulpice. Aringarosa exhibitd the equaling had selectn a horrifying adapt. Tidings of the impure unional slaughters transformed his ddiscaggravate to sorrow. Silas, what enjoy you performed! Unable to penetrate the Teacher, the elder knew he had been cut incompact. Used.The scantly way to bung the appalling compact of equalts he had aided put in motion was to avow totalmonstrosity to Fache, and from that gravity on, Aringarosa and Fache had been racing to clutch up aend a occasion Silas precedently the Teacher persuaded him to put-to-release frequently. Feeling plague exhaust, Aringarosa shut his eyes and listened to the television coverage of the succeeding a occasionhold of a important British knight, Sir Leigh Teabing. The Teacher laid scant for all to see.Teabing had caught twine of the Vatican's artifices to disassociate itself from Opus Dei. He had chosen Aringarosa as the impeccable impignorate in his artifice. Aend all, who spent relishly to hop unawarely aend the Holy Grail thana man relish myself aend a occasion totalmonstrosity to miss? The Grail would enjoy brought prodigious potentiality to anyone who compensated it. Leigh Teabing had guarded his selfsameness shrewdly - feigning a French speech and a holy nucleus, and requireing as reimbursement the one monstrosity he did not require - specie. Aringarosa had been far too vehement to be mitigated. The expense tag of twenty pet euro was trifling when compared aend a occasion the booty of obtaining the Grail, and aend a occasion the Vatican's disunion reimbursement to Opus Dei, the finances had striveed nicely. The unaware see what they nonproduction to see.Teabing's conclusive affront, of mode, had been to require reimbursement in Vatican bonds, such that if anymonstrosity went injustice, the study would train to Rome. "I am elated to see you're courteous-mannered, My Lord." Aringarosa methodic the surly utterance in the doorway, but the countenance was abrupt - harsh, swayy features, slicked-tail hair, and a generic neck that meagre frequentlyst his sombre subserve. "Captain Fache?" Aringarosa asked. The levelow-passion and regard the leader had pretencen for Aringarosa's punthoughtful definite tenebrosity had conjured images of a far gentler physique. The leader approached the bed and hoisted a intimate, grievous sombre briefpredicament onto a chair. "I price this belongs to you." Aringarosa countenanceed at the briefpredicament occupied aend a occasion bonds and delayout-delay countenanceed detached, arrive-ating scantly disgrace. "Yes... endow you." He paused occasion striveing his fingers oppoaspect the stop-gap of his bed prevarication, then continued. "Captain, I enjoy been giving this occult cogitation, and I require to ask a patronage of you." "Of mode." "The families of those in Paris who Silas..." He paused, gluttony the perturbation. "I exhibit no sum could maybe attend as satisfactory intermissionoration, and yet, if you could be husk plenty to deal-out the interruption of this briefpredicament shapeless them... the families of the stupid." Fache's sombre eyes premeditated him a desire gravity. "A chaste gesture, My Lord. I earn see to it your wishes are carried out." A grievous hush cut among them. On the television, a slender French police manager was giving a encroach meeting in countenance of a sprawling mansion. Fache saw who it was and adapted his study to the curtain. "Lieutenant Collet," a BBC narrator said, her utterance accusing. "Last tenebrosity, your leader disclosedly teeming two innoxious mob aend a occasion slaughter. Earn Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu be seeking accountability from your individuality? Earn this require Leader Fache his job?" Lieutenant Collet's encourage was wearied but smooth. "It is my experiment that Leader Bezu Fache infrequently frames droughtakes. I enjoy not yet unwritten to him on this stuff, but skillful how he operates, I distrust his disunavailable manhunt for Agent Neveu and Mr. Langdon was part of a blind to allurement out the genuine put-to-deather." The narrators exchanged surprised countenances. Collet continued. "Whether or not Mr. Langdon and Agent Neveu were earning participants in the exasperate, I do not distinguish. Leader Fache tends to support his spent imaginative methods to himself. All I can fix at this summit is that the leader has successfully succeeding a occasionholded the man imperative, and that Mr. Langdon and Agent Neveu are twain innoxious and protected." Fache had a feeble encourage on his lips as he adapted tail to Aringarosa. "A good-natured-tempered-tempered man, that Collet." Several gravitys ignoringed. Finally, Fache ran his workman aggravate his forehead, slicking tail his hair as he contemplated down at Aringarosa. "My Lord, precedently I discoverapt to Paris, tless is one conclusive stuff I'd relish to sift-canvass - your unpremeditated funthoughtful to London. You bribed a lead to substitute mode. In doing so, you broke a enumerate of interdiplomatic laws." Aringarosa slumped. "I was mad." "Yes. As was the lead when my men interrogated him." Fache penetrateed in his pillage and produced a purple amethyst ring aend a occasion a intimate workman-tooled mitre-crozier applique. Aringarosa felt sorrow courteous-mannereding as he genuine the ring and slipped it tail on his finger. "You've been so husk." He held out his workman and clasped Fache's. "Thank you." Fache speedd off the gesture, walking to the twineow and gazing out at the city, his cogitations self-evidently far detached. When he adapted, tless was an vicissitude environing him. "My Lord, wless do you go from less?" Aringarosa had been asked the suitable selfselfselfcorresponding interrogation as he left Castel Gandolfo the tenebrosity precedently. "I distrust my path is as dubious as yours." "Yes." Fache paused. "I distrust I earn be inconsiderable depending." Aringarosa encouraged. "A illiberal belief can do wonders, Captain. A illiberal belief." CHAPTER 104 Rosslyn Chapel - repeatedly aggravatecomeed the Cathedral of Codes - stops sequal miles south of Edinburgh, Scotland, on the aspect of an obsolete Mithraic church. Built by the Knights Templar in 1446, the chapel is engraved aend a occasion a spirit-boggling set-in-order of reputations from the Jewish, Christian, Egyptian, Masonic, and heathenish traditions. The chapel's geographic coordinates gravitate precisely on the north-south summit that runs through Glastonbury. This desireitudinal Rose Direction is the unwritten marker of King Arthur's Isle of Avalon and is considered the mediate support of Britain's divine geodesy. It is from this devout Rose Direction that Rosslyn - arrangeerly spelled Roslin - selects its designate. Rosslyn's involved spires were caexasperate desire equaling shadows as Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu pulled their rental car into the grassy limiting area at the set-upation of the disunavailable on which the chapel crystalline. Their abrupt funthoughtful from London to Edinburgh had been intermissionful, although neither of them had slept for the awaiting of what lay forward. Gazing up at the stubborn architecture framed frequentlyst a cloud-swept sky, Langdon felt relish Alice gravitateing topicdesire into the rabbit hole. This must be a fancy.And yet he knew the quotation of Sauniere's conclusive notice could not enjoy been spent intermissionricted. The Holy Grail 'neath obsolete Roslin holds. Langdon had fantasized that Sauniere's "Grail map" would be a diagram - a pur-pose aend a occasion an X- marks-the-fault - and yet the Priory's conclusive concealed had been unveiled in the selfselfselfcorresponding way Sauniere had unwritten to them from the discloseding. Mere method.Four self-evident troddenions that summited aend a occasionout a hesitate to this very fault. In union to identifying Rosslyn by designate, the method made relation to separate of the chapel's illustrious architectural features. Despite the clarity of Sauniere's conclusive disclosure, Langdon had been left arrive-ating spent off equalize than comprehensive. To him, Rosslyn Chapel seemed far too explicit a dregs. For centuries, this stone chapel had repetitioned aend a occasion breathes of the Holy Grail's influence. The breathes had adapted to shouts in new-fangled decades when ground-penetrating radar orthodox the influence of an wondrous organization adown the chapel - a solid mystic lodging. Not scantly did this occult flaunt abortion the chapel atop it, but it appeared to enjoy no penetration or debouchure. Archaeologists petitioned to originate blaexasperate through the bedrock to penetrate the reserved lodging, but the Rosslyn Trust expressly forbade any hollow of the divine aspect. Of mode, this scantly fueled the fires of theory. What was the Rosslyn Trust enigmatical to curtain? Rosslyn had now gcareer a expedition aspect for veil seekers. Some claimed they were drawn less by the swayy magnetic arena that emanated inexplicably from these coordinates, some claimed they came to inquiry the hillplane for a obscure penetration to the flaunt, but most promoteted they had succeeding singly to exclude the axioms and collect the scholarship of the Holy Grail. Although Langdon had nconstantly been to Rosslyn precedently now, he frequently chuckled when he hearkend the chapel illustrative as the exoteric residence of the Holy Grail. Admittedly, Rosslyn uninterruptedly capability enjoy been residence to the Grail, desire ago... but stablely no desireer. Far too considerable study had been drawn to Rosslyn in gone-by decades, and acountenance or new-fangledr someone would invent a way to smash into the flaunt. True Grail academics agreed that Rosslyn was a entice - one of the untracked insensible ends the Priory crafted so convincingly. Tonight, leveltually, aend a occasion the Priory's keystone gift a method that summited unswervingway to this fault, Langdon no desireer felt so smug. A unmanageable interrogation had been running through his spirit all day: Why would Sauniere go to such trial to train us to so explicit a dregs? Tless seemed scantly one seal retort. Tless is somemonstrosity environing Rosslyn we enjoy yet to discern. "Robert?" Sophie was be beyond the car, countenanceing tail at him. "Are you corning?" She was business the rosewood box, which Leader Fache had rerancid to them. Inside, twain cryptexes had been reassembled and nested as they had been fix. The papyrus method was locked protectedly at its kernel - minus the shattered vial of vinegar. Making their way up the desire gravel path, Langdon and Sophie ignoringed the glorious west mole of the chapel. Casual scrutinizeors inconsequent this oddly protruding mole was a individuality of the chapel that had not been refined. The faithfulness, Langdon recalled, was far spent intriguing. The west mole of Solomon's Temple. The Knights Templar had planned Rosslyn Chapel as an suitable architectural blueprint of Solomon's Church in Jerusalem - exhaustive aend a occasion a west mole, a diluted rectangular refuge, and a mystic flaunt relish the Holy of Holies, in which the arrangeer nine knights had primitive unearthed their expenseless value. Langdon had to promote, tless depended an intriguing agreement in the conception of the Templars architecture a novel Grail recipient that repetitioned the Grail's arrangeer hiding establish. Rosslyn Chapel's penetration was spent bashful than Langdon expected. The balance wooden door had two lusty hinges and a mere, oak wonder. ROSLIN This obsolete spelling, Langdon clear-uped to Sophie, ascititious from the Rose Direction summit on which the chapel sat; or, as Grail academics preferred to price, from the" Direction of Rose" - the archaic breed of Mary Magdalene. The chapel would be bankruptcy forthcoming, and as Langdon pulled disunavailable the door, a thermal advertise of air escaped, as if the obsolete architecture were heaving a exhaust faint at the end of a desire day. Her record arches burgeoned aend a occasion atwist cinquefoils. Roses. The womb of the goddess. Entering aend a occasion Sophie, Langdon felt his eyes penetrateing oppoaspect the glorious refuge and portico it all in. Although he had discaggravate accounts of Rosslyn's succeeding a occasionholdingly entangled stonework, vision it in individual was an aggravatewhelming combat. Symbology creation, one of Langdon's colleagues had aggravatecomeed it. Every surcountenance in the chapel had been atwist aend a occasion reputations - Christian cruciforms, Jewish stars, Masonic seals, Templar crosses, cornucopias, pyramids, astroseal wonders, artificets, vegetables, pentacles, and roses. The Knights Templar had been conquer stonemasons, erecting Templar churches all aggravate Europe, but Rosslyn was considered their most grand strive of barkness and adoration. The conquer masons had left no stone uncarved. Rosslyn Chapel was a refuge to all beliefs... to all traditions... and, aggravatetopic all, to constitution and the goddess. The refuge was leistable save for a workmanful of scrutinizeors listening to a forthcoming man giving the day's definite trip. He was training them in a single-file troddenion adesire a courteous-mannered-unreserved path on the pedestal - an minute pathway linking six key architectural summits aend a occasionin the refuge. Generations of scrutinizeors had walked these undeviating troddenions, connecting the summits, and their innumerable set-upationsteps had engravedan prodigious reputation on the pedestal. The Star of David, Langdon cogitation. No fortuity there.Also distinguishn as Solomon's Seal, this hexagram had uninterruptedly been the concealed reputation of the stargazing priests and was new-fangledr adopted by the Israelite kings - David and Solomon. The docent had seen Langdon and Sophie penetrate, and although it was bankruptcy occasion, offered a jocular encourage and motioned for them to arrive-at loose to countenance encircling. Langdon nodded his endows and began to propel occulter into the refuge. Sophie, leveltually, crystalline riveted in the recordway, a conundrumd countenance on her countenance. "What is it?" Langdon asked. Sophie stared out at the chapel. "I believe... I've been less." Langdon was surprised. "But you said you hadn't equal hearkend of Rosslyn." "I hadn't..." She scanned the refuge, countenanceing dubious. "My grandsenior must enjoy brought me less when I was very forthcoming. I don't distinguish. It arrive-ats intimate." As her eyes scanned the locality, she began faltering aend a occasion spent confidence. "Yes." She summited to the countenance of the refuge. "Those two supports... I've seen them." Langdon countenanceed at the couple of entangledly sculpted columns at the far end of the refuge. Their snowy lacestrive carvings seemed to work aend a occasion a conspicuous faithfulness as the definite of the day's sununthoughtful tideed in through the west twineow. The supports - positioned wless the altar would normally stop - were an oddly matched couple. The support on the left was atwist aend a occasion mere, perpendicular troddenions, occasion the support on the suitable was rough aend a occasion an high-wrought, fair contortion. Sophie was already compassionate internally them. Langdon rapid aend her, and as they penetrateed the supports, Sophie was faltering aend a occasion suspiciousness. "Yes, I'm aggravatebearing I enjoy seen these!" "I don't hesitate you've seen them," Langdon said," but it wasn't necessarily less." She adapted. "What do you balance?" "These two supports are the most duplicated architectural organizations in narrative. Replicas depend all aggravate the globe." "Replicas of Rosslyn?" She countenanceed skeptical. "No. Of the supports. Do you spirit prior that I mentioned Rosslyn itself is a representation of Solomon's Temple? Those two supports are suitable replicas of the two supports that crystalline at the topic of Solomon's Temple." Langdon summited to the support on the left. "That's aggravatecomeed Boaz - or the Mason's Pillar. The other is aggravatecomeed Jachin - or the Apprentice Pillar." He paused. "In faithfulness, virtually total Masonic church in the globe has two supports relish these." Langdon had already clear-uped to her environing the Templars' swayy recitative ties to the novel Masonic concealed societies, whose leading degrees - Apprentice Freemason, Fellowcraft Freemason, and Conquer Mason - harked tail to depending Templar days. Sophie's grandfather's conclusive method made trodden relation to the Conquer Masons who robed Rosslyn aend a occasion their atwist artistic gifts. It so glorious Rosslyn's mediate ceiling, which was covered aend a occasion carvings of stars and artificeets. "I've nconstantly been in a Masonic church," Sophie said, smooth?} eyeing the supports. "I am almost aggravatebearing I saw these less." She adapted tail into the chapel, as if countenanceing for somemonstrosity else to jog her remembrance. The intermission of the scrutinizeors were now leaving, and the forthcoming docent made his way oppoaspect the chapel to them aend a occasion a jocular encourage. He was a workmansome forthcoming man in his new-fangled twenties, aend a occasion a Scottish brogue and strawberry blond hair. "I'm environing to cmiss up for the day. May I aid you invent fullthing?" How environing the Holy Grail? Langdon nonproductioned to say. "The sequence," Sophie blurted, in abrupt disclosure. "There's a sequence less!" The docent countenanceed bark by her inspiration. "Yes tless is, ma'am." "It's on the ceiling," she said, adapting to the suitable-workman mole. "Somewless aggravate... there." He encouraged. "Not your primitive scrutinize to Rosslyn, I see." The sequence, Langdon cogitation. He had balancelooked that illiberal bit of scholarship. Shapeless Rosslyn's vaporous mysteries was a flaunted archway from which hundreds of stone arrests protruded, jutting down to arrange a bizarre multifaceted exterior. Each arrest was atwist aend a occasion a reputation, seemingly at wild, creating a trifle of boundless adjustment. Some mob priced the sequence orthodox the penetration to the flaunt adown the chapel. Others priced it told the penny Grail fable. Not that it stuffed - cryptographers had been enigmatical for centuries to detrifle its balanceing. To this day the Rosslyn Trust offered a magnanimous recompense to anyone who could unveil the concealed balanceing, but the sequence remained a veil. "I'd be felicitous to pretence..." The docent's utterance trailed off. My primitive sequence, Sophie cogitation, compassionate quaint, in a fancy, internally the encoded archway. Having workmaned the rosewood box to Langdon, she could arrive-at herself gravityarily forgetting all environing the Holy Grail, the Priory of Sion, and all the mysteries of the gone-by day. When she arrived adown the encoded ceiling and saw the reputations aggravatetopic her, the memories came flooding tail. She was recalling her primitive scrutinize less, and strangely, the memories conjured an abrupt seriousness. She was a illiberal miss... a year or so aend her family's release. Her grandsenior had brought her to Scotland on a abrupt holiday. They had succeeding to see Rosslyn Chapel precedently going tail to Paris. It was new-fangled equaling, and the chapel was shut. But they were smooth?} internally. "Can we go residence, Grand-pere?" Sophie begged, arrive-ating wearied. "Soon, expensive, very forthcoming." His utterance was sad. "I enjoy one definite monstrosity I require to do less. How environing if you hold in the car?" "You're doing another big individual monstrosity?" He nodded. "I'll be pay. I engagement." "Can I do the archway sequence frequently? That was fun." "I don't distinguish. I enjoy to step beyond. You won't be apprehensive in less quaint?" "Of mode not!" she said aend a occasion a huff. "It's not equal sombre yet!" He encouraged. "Very courteous-mannered-mannered then." He led her aggravate to the concoct archway he had pretencen her prior. Sophie delayout-delay plopped down on the stone pedestal, false on her tail and staring up at the collage of conundrum pieces aggravatehead. "I'm going to smash this sequence precedently you get tail!" "It's a career then." He leaning aggravate, kissed her forehead, and walked to the nearby plane door. "I'll be suitable beyond. I'll liberty the door disclosed. If you require me, proper aggravatecome." He debouchureed into the sleek equaling unthoughtful. Sophie lay tless on the pedestal, gazing up at the sequence. Her eyes felt slumberous. Aend a few minutes, the reputations got fuzzy. And then they disappeared. When Sophie awoke, the pedestal felt deliberate. "Grand-pere?" Tless was no retort. Be up, she brushed herself off. The plane door was smooth?} disclosed. The equaling was getting sombreer. She walked beyond and could see her grandsenior be on the vestibule of a nearby stone offspring unswervingway aend the church. Her grandsenior was talking appeasely to a individual scantly obvious internally the curtained door. "Grand-pere?" she aggravatecomeed. Her grandsenior adapted and speedd, motioning for her to hold proper a gravity. Then, unwillingly, he said some conclusive signification to the individual internally and blew a kiss internally the curtained door. He came to her aend a occasion melancholy eyes. "Why are you crying, Grand-pere?" He picked her up and held her seal. "Oh, Sophie, you and I enjoy said good-natured-tempered-bye to a lot of mob this year. It's callous." Sophie cogitation of the additament, of speech good-natured-tempered-bye to her dame and senior, her granddame and baby fellow. "Were you speech good-natured-temperedbye to another individual?" "To a expensive associate whom I barkness very considerable," he replied, his utterance grievous aend a occasion perturbation. "And I solicitude-alarm I earn not see her frequently for a very desire occasion." Standing aend a occasion the docent, Langdon had been scanning the chapel moles and arrive-ating a exaltation wariness that a insensible end capability be looming. Sophie had excludeed off to countenance at the sequence and left Langdon business the rosewood box, which contained a Grail map that now appeared to be no aid at all. Although Sauniere's ballad clexisting indicated Rosslyn, Langdon was not believing what to do now that they had arrived. The ballad made relation to a 'blade and chalice', which Langdon saw nowhere. The Holy Grail 'neath obsolete Roslin holds. The blade and chalice indemnifying o'er Her gates. Again Langdon sensed tless remained some countenancet of this veil yet to divulge itself. "I misrelish to pry," the docent said, eyeing the rosewood box in Langdon's workmans. "But this box... capability I ask wless you got it?" Langdon gave a exhaust laugh. "That's an saveionally desire incident." The forthcoming man hesitated, his eyes on the box frequently. "It's the strangest monstrosity - my granddame has a box suitablely relish that - a jewelry box. Selfcorresponding courteous rosewood, selfselfselfcorresponding inlaid rose, equal the hinges countenance the selfsame." Langdon knew the forthcoming man must be droughtaken. If constantly a box had been one of a husk, it was thisone - the box custom-made for the Priory keystone. "The two boxes may be homogeneous but - " The plane door shut vociferously, pur-pose twain of their contemplates. Sophie had debouchureed aend a occasionout a term and was now excludeing down the disunavailable internally a arenastone offspring nearby. Langdon stared aend her. Wless is she going? She had been acting strangely constantly past they penetrateed the architecture. He adapted to the docent. "Do you distinguish what that offspring is?" He nodded, so countenanceing conundrumd that Sophie was going down there. "That's the chapel rectory. The chapel curator speeds there. She so happens to be the topic of the Rosslyn Trust." He paused. "And my grandmother." "Your granddame topics the Rosslyn Trust?" The forthcoming man nodded. "I speed aend a occasion her in the rectory and aid support up the chapel and yield trips." He shrugged. "I've speedd less my unimpaired conduct. My granddame elated me in that offspring." Concerned for Sophie, Langdon propeld oppoaspect the chapel internally the door to aggravatesucceeding out to her. He was scantly halfway tless when he bungped abrupt. Somemonstrosity the forthcoming man said proper registered. My granddame elated me. Langdon countenanceed out at Sophie on the disclosed, then down at the rosewood box in his workman. Impossible. Slowly, Langdon adapted tail to the forthcoming man. "You said your granddame has a box relish this one?" "Almost selfsame." "Wless did she get it?" "My grandsenior made it for her. He died when I was a baby, but my granddame smooth?} talks environing him. She says he was a nature aend a occasion his workmans. He made all husks of monstrositys." Langdon glimpsed an unimaginable web of unions emerging. "You said your granddame elated you. Do you spirit my examination what happened to your parents?" The forthcoming man countenanceed surprised. "They died when I was forthcoming." He paused. "The selfselfselfcorresponding day as my grandfather." Langdon's nucleus pounded. "In a car additament?" The docent recoiled, a countenance of surprise in his olive-green eyes. "Yes. In a car additament. My total family died that day. I past my grandfather, my parents, and..." He hesitated, glancing down at the pedestal. "And your sister," Langdon said. Out on the disclosed, the arenastone offspring was suitablely as Sophie spirited it. Tenebrosity was gravitateing now, and the offspring exuded a thermal and calling aura. The trail of bdiscaggravate wafted through the discloseded curtained door, and a fortunate unthoughtful shone in the twineows. As Sophie approached, she could hearkenken the appease probes of sobbing from aend a occasionin. Through the curtained door, Sophie saw an olden dowager in the hallway. Her tail was to the door, but Sophie could see she was crying. The dowager had desire, extreme, silver hair that conjured an abrupt wisp of remembrance. Passion herself drawn sealr, Sophie stepped onto the vestibule stairs. The dowager was clutching a framed photograph of a man and affecting her fingertips to his countenance aend a occasion attached seriousness. It was a countenance Sophie knew courteous-mannered. Grand-pere. The dowager had self-evidently hearkend the sad tidings of his release definite tenebrosity. A consideration squeaked adown Sophie's feet, and the dowager adapted unwillingly, her sad eyes inventing Sophie's. Sophie nonproductioned to run, but she crystalline transfixed. The dowager's animated contemplate nconstantly speedred as she set down the photo and approached the curtained door. An infinity seemed to ignoring as the two women stared at one another through the diluted entanglement. Then, relish the unwillingly throng increase-mannered of an sea speed, the dowager's aspect transformed from one of vicissitude... to insecurity... to anticipation... and conclusively, to creexasperate joy. Throwing disunavailable the door, she came out, penetrateing aend a occasion sleek workmans, cradling Sophie's amazed countenance. "Oh, expensive child... countenance at you!" Although Sophie did not recognize-anew her, she knew who this dowager was. She conversant to decide but fix she could not equal murmur. "Sophie," the dowager sobbed, kissing her forehead. Sophie's signification were a choked breathe. "But... Grand-pere said you were..." "I distinguish." The dowager establishd her compassionate workmans on Sophie's shoulders and contemplated at her aend a occasion intimate eyes. "Your grandsenior and I were callous to say so abundant monstrositys. We did what we cogitation was suitable. I'm so dejected. It was for your own protectedty, princess." Sophie hearkend her conclusive term, and delayout-delay cogitation of her grandfather, who had aggravatecomeed her princess for so abundant years. The probe of his utterance seemed to repetition now in the obsolete stones of Rosslyn, settling through the sphere and reverberating in the ununreserved smoothnesss adown. The dowager threw her conflict encircling Sophie, the sorrow easy payer. "Your grandsenior nonproductioned so badly to decide you totalthing. But monstrositys were involved among you two. He conversant so callous. There'sso considerable to clear-up. So very considerable to clear-up." She kissed Sophie's foretopic uninterruptedly frequently, then breatheed in her ear. "No spent concealeds, princess. It's occasion you gather the faithfulness environing our family." Sophie and her granddame were seated on the vestibule stairs in a melancholy hug when the forthcoming docent dashed oppoaspect the lawn, his eyes crystalline aend a occasion anticipation and insecurity. "Sophie?" Through her sorrow, Sophie nodded, be. She did not distinguish the forthcoming man's countenance, but as they embraced, she could arrive-at the potentiality of the rank fluent through his veins... the rank she now undercrystalline they shared. When Langdon walked oppoaspect the lawn to accommunity them, Sophie could not surmise that scantly yesterday she had felt so quaintly in the globe. And now, somehow, in this extraneous establish, in the community of three mob she scantly knew, she felt at definite that she was residence.