Written Research Project Guideline Cancer: Melanoma

      Select a cancer either in the adult or pediatric population to   research. You earn transcribe a tractate fixed on the rubric underneath. This assignment   is an turn for you to prove a detail cancer of curiosity-behalf to you.   Its intention is to assess your discernment and conduct your trained   application of the pathophysiologic coursees that supervene in ailments. This   comprehensive tractate earn be 10 pages in   length and should embrace the forthcoming components:  GRADING RUBRIC ADVANCED PATHOPHYSIOLOGY GENETIC AND CANCER ASSIGNMENT 100 points sum 10% of walk    SECTION POINTS POSSIBLE POINTS EARNED   Abstract 10%   Introduction 10%   Pathophysiology   of the ailment 10%   Description of the clinical   manifestations and assessments 10%   Diagnostic Studies/   Laboratories 10%   Clinical Management/   Treatment Modalities 10%   Evaluation of Treatments 10%   Patient Education and   Safety (QSEN) 10%   Choose one subject con-over cognate to the ailment course. Articles must be   less than 5 years old, from a   scholarly, peer-reviewed journals.  10%   APA format (distinction page, headers, address, in-text citations,   reference page) 10%   TOTAL 100%           If letter requirements are not followed clearly, your walk on written materials may inaugurate delay a walk of 89.      Specific letter requirements REWRITES ARE NOT ALLOWED   1. All tractate submitted must be in APA format according to Publication Manual American Psychological Association (APA) (6th ed.). 2009 ISBN: 978-1-4338-0561-5. Use formal APA format that embraces emend punctuation, allurementing, decision structures, and references.  2. Must embrace at meanest 5 peer-reviewed references, including McCance, K. L., & Huether, S, E. (2015). 7th ed and Publication Manual American Psychological Association (APA) (6th ed.).   3. Type must be Times New Roman, 12-point font, and double-spaced.   4. Use the allurement stop exercise on the computer (earn aid delay #1).   5. Use a COVER page forthcoming APA guidelines  6. Tractate must be sent via e-mail on due duration.  7. Papers harsh in departed the due duration earn assent-to an unimpassioned inference of 10 points delay the walk to set-out delay a B (89). If page mass are poor, pages that excel the article earn NOT be interpret and excite points may be removed if censorious pleased was embraced on the debauchery pages.