Annotated Bibliography (2nd Draft) The Decline of Enrollment in Colleges and Universities in America

This assignment has to exhaustive in the template format supposing. Also interjacent an established is the highest drain and template. I accomplish supervene up delay the writer delay the teachers comments from drain one.    The Design The Annotated Bibliography design accomplish embrace two parts: 1) A Feeling Organizer (two drains) 2) A affected Annotated Bibliography (one drain) The Feeling Organizer is contrived to succor you adjust, irritate, and incorporate each of your origins. You accomplish singly penetrate the instruction into the feeling adjustr as you discover each origin. (If you accomplish not include the origin in your brochure, don’t produce an minute in the Feeling Organizer.) Supervene the instructions in each box as you apsummit out the Feeling Organizer. Exhaustive one Feeling Organizer template for each origin. You accomplish comply two drains of the Feeling Organizer. The Annotated Bibliography is a prose (written) paraphrase of the entries in your Feeling Organizer. You can judgment a exemplification Annotated Bibliography here: The design of the annotated bibliography is to incorporate and assess origins, including literary origins. The AB serves as a chronicles of your rejudgment of the elimination on the theme as well-mannered-mannered as instruction environing its use in your studies. Using your voices from the Feeling Organizer, you accomplish produce a written minute for each origin. Each minute accomplish include: • Full APA Citation. • 12-summit Times New Roman Font. • Double Spacing. • 2 to 4 sentences to incorporate the ocean notion(s) of the origin. o What are the ocean arguments? o What is the summit of this book/article? o What themes are tried? • 2 to 4 sentences to assess and evaluate the origin. o How does it collate delay other origins in your bibliography? o Is this instruction accepted? How do you understand? o Is the origin extrinsic or peculiar? How do you understand? • 2 to 4 sentences to ponder on the origin. o Was this origin succorful to you? o How can you use this origin for your elimination design? o Has it transitional how you imagine environing your theme? The conclusive drain of the Annotated Bibliography instrument accomplish include: • 6-8 entries (no over than 8; no fewer than 6). • At meanest FOUR origins must be academic (peer-reviewed journals). • Academic character and accents. • A cover page and intimation page (twain in APA 6th Edition format) • Page bulk (in APA 6th Edition format) • Running crisis (in APA 6th Edition format) Please voice that the Annotated Bibliography (AB) sets the range for the Current Issues Brochure (CUP). In the CIP, students may ONLY use origins that feel been interjacent in the conclusive drain of the AB. It is ticklish, then, that students inaugurate seeking and evaluating origins at the inauguratening of the signal.   (