H2 Chemistry Practice

SERANGOON JUNIOR COLLEGE General Certificate of Education Advanced Level Higher 2 CHEMISTRY JC2 Preliminary Nursing essay Tract 1 Multiple Cherished Appended Materials: Postulates Booklet Optical Symptom Sheet (OMS) 9647/01 23 August 2011 1 hour READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST On the detached multiple cherished OMS fond, transcribe your designate, FIN/NRIC and collocate in the spaces granted. Cloud rectifyly your collocate and FIN/NRIC sum. Eg. If your NRIC is S9306660Z, cloud S9306660Z for the individual “index sum”. There are forty topics in this tract. Exculpation all topics. For each topic there are indecent slight exculpations A, B, C and D. Choose the one you revolve rectify and archives your cherished using a balmy pencil on the detached OMS. Each rectify exculpation get reckoning one symptom. A symptom get not be deducted for a wickedness exculpation. You are advised to rise in the OMS as you go along; no appended era get be fond for the exdiversify of exculpations once the Nursing essay has ended. Any uneven started should be executed in this topic tract. This instrument consists of 20 printed pages and no unmitigated page. 2 Section A For each topic there are indecent slight exculpations, A, B, C and D. Choose the one you revolve to be rectify. 1 A ward assumed 10 cm3 of 0. mol dm? 3 KI (aq) to 10 cm3 of 0. 2 mol dm? 3 CuSO4 (aq) in a beaker and observed that a stainclose thrust-underneath in brown discerption was obtained. She knew that if she were to add S2O32? (aq) to the erection, the brown discerption get be decolourised. Calculate the work of 0. 04 mol dm? 3 S2O32? (aq) she should add to the erection in the beaker in enjoin to alconcurrently decolourise the brown discerption. A B C D 2 12. 5 cm3 15. 0 cm3 16. 7 cm3 25. 0 cm3 Which of the forthcoming contains the highest correspondentity (in mol) of particles? A B C D 600 g of I2 (s) 50 cm3 of H2O (l) 50 dm3 of HCl (g) at s. t. p. 50 cm3 of 2. 5 mol dm–3 CH3COOH (aq) 3 An part, E can create a plain ion, E2+. Which of the forthcoming is the electronic delineation of an mote of E? A B C D 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p2 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p4 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 4s1 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 3d5 4s2 SRJC 9647 / 01 / Prelim / 2011 [Turn Over 3 4 In 1996, Professor Hoffman and a assembly of scientists discovered a new part public as Ununbium, Uub. An mote of Uub can be createed by the fusion of a bring central-part delay the central-part of an isotope of part G as ensues: 208 82Pb + G 277 112Uub + 1 neutron What is G? A B C D Cu Zn Ga Ge 5 Which of the forthcoming graphs rectifyly describes the behaviour of a agricultural mainity of supposititious gas? V/m3 perpetual P V/m3 perpetual P T/ oC 0 B V/m 3 T/ oC A V/m 3 perpetual P perpetual P 0 C T/ oC 0 D T/ oC SRJC 9647 / 01 / Prelim / 2011 [Turn Over 4 6 Which of the forthcoming consists of three coalescences delay opposed types of erection? A B C D BeO, SO2, BH3 BeCl2, Na2O, SiO2 AlF3, MgCl2, BN AlCl3, Cu2O, SiCl4 7 Ethyl ethanoate sustaines hydrolysis in soak in the nearness of attenuate hydrochloric shrill catalyst. HCl CH3COOCH2CH3 + H2O CH3COOH + CH3CH2OH The admonish of reboundion was investigated by varying the apparitions of the ester and HCl. Experiment 1 2 3 [ethyl ethanoate] / mol dm-3 0. 10 0. 15 0. 10 [HCl] / mol dm-3 0. 20 0. 10 0. 10 Initial admonish / mol dm-3 min-1 0. 096 0. 072 0. 048 Which of the forthcoming assertions encircling the overhead reboundion is rectify? A B C D Half-condition for trial 1 is 0. 144 min. The admonish equation of this reboundion is admonish = k[CH3COOCH2CH3][ H2O]. Tripling the apparition of twain ethyl ethanoate and HCl extensions the admonish of reboundion by a component of 6 If the half condition of ethyl ethanoate in trial 1 is 5. 0 min, then the half condition of ethyl ethanoate in trial 3 get be 10. min. 8 When 2. 4 g of Na2CO3 was assumed to 50 cm3 of 1. 0 mol dm-3 aqueous hydrochloric shrill, the clime of the discerption rose by 3. 2 oC What is the enthalpy diversify of neutralisation of this reboundion? (Assume that 4. 20 J is required to lift the clime of 1 cm3 of the discerption by 1 K. ) A B C D ? 1. 34 x 104 J mol-1 ? 2. 97 x 104 J mol-1 ? 3. 11 x 104 J mol-1 ? 2. 56 x 106 J mol-1 SRJC 9647 / 01 / Prelim / 2011 [Turn Over 5 9 The graph underneathneath semblances how the percentage of consequences confer-upon at makeweight varies delay clime and constraining. Percentage of consequences T + 20) oC T oC Constraining Which one of the forthcoming reboundions could the graph enact? A B C D 2Fe (s) + C (s) + 3 O2 (g) 2 Fe2O3 (s) CO (g) H = ? 822 kJ mol? 1 H = ? 111 kJ mol? 1 H = +57 kJ mol? 1 H = +76 kJ mol? 1 1 O2 (g) 2 N2O4 (g) 2NO2 (g) CO (g) + Cl2 (g) COCl2 (s) 10 Fond that the Ksp of Mg(OH)2 is 1. 5 ? 10? 11 mol3 dm? 9 and the Kb of aqueous C2H5NH2 is 5. 6 ? 10? 4 mol dm? 3, what is the solubility of Mg(OH)2 in 1. 0 mol dm? 3 aqueous C2H5NH2? A B C D 1. 64 4. 78 2. 68 6. 34 x 10? 4 mol dm? 3 x 10? 5 mol dm? 3 x 10? 8 mol dm? 3 x 10? 10 mol dm? 3 SRJC 9647 / 01 / Prelim / 2011 Deviate Over 6 11 An trial is set up as semblancen underneathneath: The E cell of the cell was monitored as era progressed. When a diversify was made unintermittently to the raise, the graph underneathneath was obtained. E cell /V Era / s What was the accordant diversify made? A B C D Add nickel (II) chloride to the nickel half cell Add NaCN to the vigorous half cell Add soak to the nickel half-cell Extension the manner area of vigorous immersed in the discerption. SRJC 9647 / 01 / Prelim / 2011 [Turn Over 7 12 Aluminium alloys usually sustain a mode public as anodisation to extension dross opestablished and manner hardship. In this mode, oxygen is createed and the gas rebounds delay the aluminium view to create a dense lamina of aluminium oxide on the metal manner that protects the metal. A slight set up for this mode is semblancen as underneathneath: Gases irresponsible Battery H2SO4 (aq) Aluminium view Graphite Which of the forthcoming assertions encircling the anodisation of aluminium is penny? A B C D Hydrogen gas and sulfur dioxide gas are irresponsible. Replacing the graphite electrode delay copper get purpose the reboundion to desist. Anodisation is so slight when the aluminium view is conjoined to the indirect marginal Soak is oxidised at the anode to fruit oxygen gas. SRJC 9647 / 01 / Prelim / 2011 [Turn Over 8 13 Consecutive parts G, H and J are in Period 3 of the Periodic Table. The bend of their prevent ionisation energies and introducey tops are semblancen in the graphs underneathneath. 2nd I. E. Watery top G H J G H J What could be the identities of G, H and J? A B C D Na, Mg, Al Mg, Al, Si Si, P, S S, Cl, Ar 14 Which of the ensue properties of beryllium and its coalescences is loose? A B C D Beryllium does not rebound delay soak. Beryllium oxide sustaines neutralisation delay twain shrills and sordids. Beryllium chloride rebounds delay ammonia in a 1:2 homogeneity. Beryllium chloride is indissoluble in soak SRJC 9647 / 01 / Prelim / 2011 [Turn Over 9 15 When attentive sulfuric shrill was assumed to weighty potassium chloride, stainclose fumes of hydrogen chloride gas was observed. The identical comment was made when attentive sulfuric shrill was assumed to weighty potassium iodide, but significantly close stainclose fumes was observed. Which of the forthcoming explains the inferior concede of hydrogen iodide as compared to hydrogen chloride? A B C D Iodine is close reboundive than chlorine. Iodine is a weaker sordid than chlorine. Hydrogen iodide is close irresolute than hydrogen chloride. Hydrogen iodide is further easily oxdised than hydrogen chloride. 16 Which of the graphs underneathneath semblance the diversity in the work of carbon dioxide gas attentive when 1 mol of strontium carbonate and 1 mol of calcium carbonate are excited strongly? Work of gas / cm3 Work of gas / cm3 Era / min Era / min A Work of gas 3 / cm Work of gas 3 / cm B Era / min Era / min C D SRJC 9647 / 01 / Prelim / 2011 [Turn Over 10 17 Astatine is underneathneath iodine in Assembly VII. Which of the forthcoming properties is accordant delay its being in the Periodic Table? A B C D Silver astatide is disdissoluble in attenuate ammonia. Astatine is a flowing at opportunity clime and constraining. Astatine rebounds delay aqueous Fe (II) to create Fe (III). Hydrogen astatide decomposes at a inferior clime than hydrogen iodide. 18 Aqueous chlorine is assumed to aqueous sodium bromide and the erection was shaken delay an correspondent correspondentity of trichloromethane. Fond that the dullness of trichloromethane is 1. 48 g cm? 3, which one of the forthcoming comments can be seen? A Colourclose Red-brown B Red-brown C Colourclose D Colourclose Red-brown 19 Underneath is a machination of reboundion semblanceing the chemistry of some coalescences of transition metals in aqueous discerption. Excess AgNO3 (aq) Advance KCl (aq) Cu (s) Cerulean discerption Stainclose thrust-underneath What are the slight identities of the cerulean discerption and the stainclose thrust-under? Cerulean discerption CuNO3 CuNO3 Cu(NO3)2 Cu(NO3)2 Stainclose thrust-underneath CuCl AgCl CuCl AgCl A B C D SRJC 9647 / 01 / Prelim / 2011 [Turn Over 11 20 Stigmasterol is an unsaturated stock sterol occurring in the stock fats of soybean and debauch germ. How sundry stereoisomers does stigmasterol possess? A B C D 29 210 211 212 21 In which of the forthcoming reboundions is the reboundive carbon sp3 hybridised in the reboundant and sp2 hybridised in the consequence? Br2 in CCl4, in the sombre A CH3CHCHCH3 CH3CHBrCHBrCH3 B CH3COCH3 LiAlH4 in dry ether, r. t. p. (CH3)2CHOH C CH3CH2OH Advance conc. H2SO4, 1700C CH2CH2 Cl Cl D CH3Cl / AlCl3 SRJC 9647 / 01 / Prelim / 2011 [Turn Over 12 22 Which one of the forthcoming modees is a propagation march in the manacle reboundion among CH2Cl2 and Cl2 when irradiated delay unsubstantial? A B C D 2 Cl Cl2 CH2Cl2 + Cl2 CCl3 + Cl2 CHCl3 + Cl CHCl3 + HCl CCl4 + Cl CCl4 + H 23 In the provision of ethene, ethanol was assumed to a decline of excited reagent L. The foul ethene was washed by being bubbled thuneven a discerption of M antecedently store. What are the reagents L and M slight to be? Reagent L attentive H2SO4 attentive H2SO4 ethanolic NaOH attenuate NaOH Reagent M ethanolic NaOH attenuate NaOH attentive H2SO4 attentive H2SO4 A B C D 24 In the Wurtz reboundion, two halogenoalkanes rebound delay sodium metal to create a new carbon-carbon fetter, resulting in the createation of a new alkane: R? X + R'? X + 2Na R? R' + 2NaX Which of the forthcoming does not semblance the rectify conprogression when the established reboundants are rebounded concurrently in a Wurtz reboundion? A B CH3Br + C2H5I + 2Na CH3CH2CH3 + NaBr + NaI CH3 Br + + CH3 Br + 2Na + 2NaBr C Br CH 2Br + 2Na 2NaBr D Cl + Br 2Na + NaCl + NaBr SRJC 9647 / 01 / Prelim / 2011 [Turn Over 13 25 Which of the forthcoming semblances the rectify reagents and stipulations to fruit the desired consequence? H H C H NaBH4 H COOH (l) Na2CO3 (s) H C H H C H COO Na (l) + A H C H B O O (l) OH PCl 5 (aq) H3 3 CHC C Cl (l) C H3C CH3 C H H C H Cl ethanolic KOH, excitement H H C H H C H OC2H5 D H C H 26 Coalescence Q was refluxed delay aqueous sodium hydroxide and the resulting erection was then distilled. The distillate gave a substantial tri-iodomethane cupel. The redundancy in the essential-quality flask, subjoined shrillification, gave a stainclose thrust-under. Which of these could be Q? A B C D CH3CH2COOCH2CH3 C6H5COOCH3 CH3CH2OCOC6H5 CH3CONHC6H5 27 Which of the forthcoming fruits a coalescence delay a chiral carbon capital on reboundion delay hydrogen cyanide? A B C D CH3CHO CH3CH2COCH2CH3 CH3CO2CH3 HCHO 9647 / 01 / Prelim / 2011 [Turn Over SRJC 14 28 The Russian creator Borodin, was so a examination chemist. He discovered a reboundion in which two ethanal deferencecules couple to create a coalescence invariably public as an aldol (reaction I). The aldol createed can then fruit another coalescence on excitementing (reaction II). reboundion I reboundion II CH3CHO CH3CH(OH)CH2CHO CH3CH(OH)CH2CHO CH3CH=CHCHO + H2O Which of the forthcoming best describes reboundions I and II? I A B C D II end diminution diminution end importation importation end adherence 29 Compounds W, X and Y rebound delay sodium, but solely one of them rebounds delay aqueous alkaline iodine. Which of the forthcoming unions is slight to be W, X and Y respectively? A B C D C6H5OH, CH3COOH, (CH3)3COH HOCH2CH2OH, HOCH(CHI2)CH2COOH, CH3COCH2I CH3COOH, (CH3)3COH, CH3COCH2OH CH3COOH, CH3COCHI2, CH3COOCH2OH SRJC 9647 / 01 / Prelim / 2011 [Turn Over 15 0 In the con-over of a polypeptide erection of Z, it was digested using two opposed enzymes. The refuse obtained were then detachedd using electrophoresis. Analysis of the refuse from each digestion gave the forthcoming results: Refuse using highest enzyme: tyr-leu-leu tyr-ala gly-asp-pro asp-pro Refuse using prevent enzyme: leu-tyr asp-pro-gly ala asp-pro-tyr-leu Deduce the slight progression of Z. A B C D asp-pro-tyr-leu-ala-leu-tyr-asp-pro-gly asp-pro-gly-asp-pro-tyr-leu-leu-tyr-ala gly-asp-pro-asp-pro-tyr-ala-tyr-leu-leu ala-asp-pro-gly-asp-pro-tyr-leu-leu-tyr SRJC 9647 / 01 / Prelim / 2011 [Turn Over 16 Section B For topics 31-40, one or further of the sumed assertions 1 to 3 may be rectify. Decide whether each of the assertions is or is not rectify. The repartees A to D should be selected on the establishation of A 1, 2 and 3 B 1 and 2 solely C 2 and 3 solely D 1 solely are rectify are rectify are rectify is rectify No other union of assertions is to be used as a rectify repartee. 31 Two colourclose flowings were favoring concurrently in a beaker and left to be. The erection detachedd into two plain laminas subjoined being for an hour. Assuming that the flowings did not sustain any reboundion delay each other, which two(s) of flowings, when favoring, get fruit the overhead comment? 1 2 3 Ethanal and soak Cyclohexanol and methanol Ethanol and tetrachloromethane 32 A mutable reboundion, A (aq) + B (aq) of M2+ ions. C (aq) is catalysed by an aqueous discerption Which of the forthcoming assertion(s) encircling this order is/are rectify? 1 2 3 The catalyst alters the arrangement of the reboundion. The catalyst reduces the activation apparition for twain the confident and awkward reboundion. The catalyst alters the comestablished of the makeweight erection. SRJC 9647 / 01 / Prelim / 2011 [Turn Over 17 33 Sulfuryl chloride, SO2Cl2, is repeatedly used as a commencement of Cl2 for multidevise constitutional reboundions. Sulfuryl chloride is so a greatly reboundive gaseous coalescence which decomposes endothermically when excited in the forthcoming manner: SO2Cl2 (g) SO2 (g) + Cl2 (g) A 7:2 deference homogeneity of SO2Cl2 and Cl2 was placed in an evacuated vessel at 375 K and 6 atm. Subjoined 10 minutes, the erection reached makeweight and the favoring constraining of SO2 was establish to be 0. 625 atm. Based on the overhead postulates, which of the forthcoming assertion(s) is/are rectify? 1 2 3 The Kp rate is 0. 03 atm. The Kp rate get diminish when sum constraining extensions. The favoring constraining of SO2Cl2 get endure perpetual when clime diminishs. 34 Revolve the reboundion among sulfur dioxide and oxygen to create sulfur trioxide: 2SO2 + O2 2SO3 Fond that ? H = ? 199 kJ mol-1, and ? S = ? 190 J K-1 mol-1 for the overhead reboundion, which of the forthcoming assertion(s) is/are rectify for the reboundion? 1 2 3 The reboundion is voluntary underneathneath beard stipulations. As clime extensions, the reboundion becomes further voluntary. In the createation of sulfur trioxide, the order becomes further rambling. 5 Hydrazoic shrill, HN3, is an shrill delay pKa rate of 4. 72. Which of the forthcoming assertion(s) encircling a 25. 0 cm3 illustration of 0. 100 mol dm? 3 HN3 (aq) is/are rectify? 1 2 3 The apparition of N3? in the illustration is 1. 38 x 10? 3 mol dm? 3. A buffer discerption is createed when 12. 50 cm3 of 0. 100 mol dm? 3 of NH3 (aq) is assumed to the illustration. When titrated delay NaOH (aq), the equivalence pH is overhead 7. SRJC 9647 / 01 / Prelim / 2011 [Turn Over 18 36 In 1800, an Italian physicist Alessandro Volta deceptive the highest battery – the voltaic heap. A diagram of the voltaic heap is semblancen underneathneath: Blotting tract soaked in Zinc metal H2SO4 (aq) Copper metal One cell Which of the forthcoming assertion(s) is/are rectify? 1 2 3 The overall equation of the reboundion occurring in the cell is Cu2+ + Zn Zn2+ + Cu. Zinc is the anode, opportunity copper is the cathode. cathode The e. m. f. of the voltaic heap can be extensiond by stacking further parts 37 When declines of NaOH (aq) were assumed to a inexperienced discerption of Cr(NO3)3 (aq), a greyinexperienced thrust-underneath was createed. The thrust-underneath dissolved when advance NaOH(aq) was assumed, createing a sombre inexperienced discerption. Subsequent importations of flowing ammonia purposed the discerption to deviate violet. According to the inorganization fond overhead, which of the forthcoming assertion(s) is/are loose? 1 2 3 OH? acted as a ligand in the highest importation of declines of NaOH (aq). NH3 is a stronger scene ligand as compared to OH?. The [Cr(H2O)6]3+ tangled is the most impermanent of all the tangledes implicated. SRJC 9647 / 01 / Prelim / 2011 [Turn Over 19 38 Chloroethane rebounds delay advance alcoholic ammonia when excited to create a quaternary ammonium salt in indecent marchs. Which of the forthcoming assertion(s) encircling the reboundion is/are rectify? 1 2 3 In each march, the attacking nucleophile is further nucleophilic than that in the preceding march. In each march, the reboundion is sinferior than the preceding march due to extensiond steric hindrance. In each march, an interposed delay a sp2 hybridised carbon mote is createed. 39 Dopamine is a neurotransmitter establish in sundry animals, including vertebrates and invertebrates. The erection of dopamine is semblancen underneathneath: O OH HO OH NH2 Which of the forthcoming assertion(s) is/are rectify? 1 2 3 1 mol of dopamine rebounds delay 3 mol of ethanoyl chloride. 1 mol of dopamine rebounds delay 1 mol of HBr (aq). 1 mol of dopamine rebounds delay 1 mol of Na2CO3. SRJC 9647 / 01 / Prelim / 2011 [Turn Over 20 40 Paracetamol is invariably used for the exemption of headaches, passion and pains. It is a main component for calm and flu remedies. The erection of Parcetamol is semblancen underneathneath: H N O CH3 HO Which of the forthcoming assertion(s) encircling Paracetamol is/are rectify? 1 2 3 On importation of attentive nitric shrill, a stainclose thrust-underneath get be createed. A livid yellow thrust-underneath is createed when a discerption of ardent alkaline aqueous iodine discerption is assumed. It rebounds delay hot aqueous sodium hydroxide to fruit a gas which deviates humid red litmus tract cerulean SRJC 9647 / 01 / Prelim / 2011 [Turn Over