3-4 page paper

  Read the scenario adown. Then exhaust a 3–4 page calling record to Linda Hoff, Stanford's CFO. In your memo, incorporate your findings and interpretations from the dull and perpendicular analyses and the flatten of alignment between the company's fiscal superintendence and its strategic inclination. Include an Excel spreadsheet as an charity to the memo. In this memo you will: Review the year-over-year variances contained in the audited Stanford equalize sheets and pay statements, which are contained among the granted Week 5 Assignment Spreadsheet [XLSX] for fiscal years 2015 through 2018. You'll be expected to pay feature care to the disclaiming variances (falsification coded in "red") that you judge to be hypothetically the most impactful to Stanford. Speculate as to the reasons for the disclaiming variances. Examine the dishonorable extent equalize sheets and pay statements looking for abnormally low or eminent ratios domiciled on what you perceive environing the outoutsequence individual and what you watch in the postulates for the other fiscal years. Look for patterns in the outoutsequence individuals aggravate era (2015 through 2018) and realize any unwonted findings that may deficiency to be examined aid. Make a judgement touching the alignment of the organization's fiscal superintendence delay its strategic inclination of the strong. Fiscal superintendence is domiciled on your dull and perpendicular analyses. The strategic inclination is domiciled on the prospect, band-arms, and strategic priorities of Stanford.