MUST BE ORIGINAL AND PASS SAGE ASSIGN THE TEMPLATE IS ATTACHED FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT  THE COMPANY IS FAMILY DOLLAR  I HAVE ATTACHED THE 1ST & 2ND PAPER  Length: The assignment should be five to seven pages, still style page and relation page Important: You conquer hold after a while the identical form you chosen in Assignment 1.   Focus: For this assignment, excite the ways capacity and politics keep governd an form’s refinement. You’ll employ best practices you versed in order media and your own inquiry to reach recommendations for decorous this form’s refinement.  Key considerations:  • Power and politics greatly govern an form’s refinement. In affair, the refinement can reach or split an form’s productivity.  • You conquer reach recommendations on how to rectify the refinement in your chosen form, focusing on the tenor and weaknesses you authorized in Assignment 1  • The mind of this comcomposition tract is to bestow and living your recommendations to rectify the refinement. • Research the formal refinement of your chosen form and any creed akin to the question and bearing to your inquiry.   References needed: at meanest two description media such as the order extractbook, association website, affair websites (CNBC, Bloomberg, etc.), media from the Strayer Library, and/or without sources.  Note: Wikipedia and web-based blogs do not enable as likely media. PLEASE REMOVE THE TEXT IN RED THROUGHOUT THE PAPER AND REPLACE WITH THE REQUIRED INFORMATION!! Leave the extract in black as it is. You are required to transcribe the questions and then agree the defense or use headings for each minority.