cte assignment 3

  Personal cogitation questions: Who are the superior providers of adult and lasting counsel in the United States today? Brainstorm a inventory of unanalogous venues where adult lore take-places. For issue, order colleges and anthropological expedients bud in employment and diligence. Think about and substantiate where you are likely to be confused after a while adult lore. Think about and substantiate the role you conquer embody in adult lore (planning, donation, etc.). this is the argument its detached from the original assignment   This argument conquer rendezvous on the differences among pedagogy and andragogy and conquer so move upon the fibre of andragogy as a lore scheme. To just, frame assured you possess discbalance the embodied in Unit 3 and possess reflected on the differences and are justd to examine after a while your classmates. The argument conquer take-place balance a three-day end. You conquer be required to frame three postings each day. Please criticism the argument grading rubric (profitable in Unit 3) for particular knowledge on how your postings conquer be evaluated and your balanceall action for the argument resolute.