Sociology Case

Crime is despicable phenomena in a gregariousity which exhibits itself in opposed contrives. In the movie “Bus 174” street misdeed is exemplified where Sandro dares to hijack motorists among a bus causing a verbose standoff as police tries to save the surety passengers. One unnaturalness is very plain that to enjoy such courage; Sandro must enjoy had positive motivating factors. First, the demand of the flagitious right rule is one of the problems that sway enjoy carry to the flagitious act which was perpetrateted by Sandro. This is in the contrive of the coinless subject of inferior arrangees of race in prison. Prisoners were segregated into predicaments whereby the inferior arrangees subsistd in moving stipulations. This could enjoy been a motivator to the inferior arrange prisoners to perpetrate past and well-mannered-balanced vehement misdeeds once out of prison. In importation, the beastly subject of the flagitious by the prisoners is allot of expanded inright by law enforcers (Lembruger, 2003). There were predicaments where police taught the street kids nounnaturalness other than punishing them by beating them severely. The prisons stipulations acted approve a fix where by the street kids would go and get punished merely to succeed out as oppressive flagitiouss. In this predicament, Sandro exposed flagitious conduct when he was a illiberal kid patronage on the streets. Upshot may implicate in paltry misdeed for fun but when misdeed becomes a consecutiveness, it ceases to be a subject of fun but gregarious phenomena (Ellis & Hoffman, 1990). The prisons stipulations offered no any lessons alterative measures future failed to beneathline the object of upshot’s. Therefore, to these upshot, prison represented structures for collecting and torturing the beneathprivileged in the gregariousity.  We can conclude that, the morals in prison did not conduct to set-right Sandro sight encircling misdeed.  It defeats the entity of having prisons as set-rightion centers occasion they act as misdeed grafting institutes. In another estimate, economic nonpayment is so another problem that could enjoy led Sandro to perpetrate misdeed. Lack of jobs and other insucceed generating opportunities made Sandro opt to throw into the merely practicable way of creating proceeds. In the film we discover crowds of waste onlookers who enjoy nounnaturalness to do and perhaps could end up emulating Sandro. We so discover infantine beneathprivileged street upshot involving themselves in all method of activities well-mannered-balanced acrobatics to ask for some coin from motorists.  These are upshot who do not enjoy a fix to subsist, patronage to eat and aloft all they enjoy no defence from the synod which was sworn in to vindicate its citizens. It is the role of a synod beneath any aver to furnish just division of riches to its citizenship (Jolly, 2007).  Sandro though a well-mannered-mannered built man delay a lot of tangible immateriality lacked a job that could support him. The frustrations of life brought up in sharp stipulations in the streets where he watched each and complete new day race going to and from their jobs could enjoy indoctrinated a privative aspect towards the started arrange. In importation, the intellect of how these so determined the started arrange could enjoy coin loaded in their pockets could so enjoy motivated him to go behind that coin indifferent of the consequenc3es which were associated delay such an beneathtaking. References Ellis, L & Hoffman, H. (1990). Misdeed in Biological, Gregarious and Moral contexts. Westport, CT: Praeger. Jolly, R. (2007).  Economic Right in an Unjust World: Towards a Level Playing Field. Ethics and International Affairs Vol. 21, p. 12-14 Lembruger, J. (2003). The Brazilian Prison System: A Brief Diagnosis. Retrieved on 20 July 2010 from