W7 Assignment "Moral Reasoning" Strategies for Decision Making Moral Reasoning For our assignment this week, we succeed be looking at the complexities of well-conducted rationalistic. To start, full the interactive exemplification, domiciled on the illustrious Trolley Dilemma, from Philosophyexperiments.com (linked beneath). Be permanent to conceal a archives of your answers as you performance through the questions, and then recognize the analyses of your answers at the end of the exemplification. Note: The decisive page of this energy is titled: “Is it Because He’s Fat: A Piece of Bigotry” – you do not need to live further that page. http://www.philosophyexperiments.com/fatman/Default.aspx For your essay this week, examine what you well-informed environing your own well-conducted rationalistic collated delay the well-conducted rationalistic of others who participated in this exemplification (this succeed be beneficial to you in the separation exception). The forthcoming questions should succor lead your communication: In the prelusory questions, what answers did you prime and why did you prime them? In the scenario questions, (The Runaway Train, The Fat Man on the Bridge, The Saboteur, and The Fat Man and the Ticking Bomb), what answers did you prime and why did you prime them? In the separation exception, were your prelusory answers and your scenario answers harmonious? If not, why not? How do your answers collate delay the answers of others who to-boot participated in this exemplification? What does this exemplification narrate you environing yourself and others in provisions of well-conducted rationalistic? Your fulld assignment should be written primarily in original peculiar and should be 500-750 control in protraction. If you use causes in your communication, be permanent to warrant them. If you use any frequented vernacular from a cause, be permanent to situate those control in passage marks.