A mother’s desperation: resorting to law FOR MRS LYNN ONLY

   Chapter Ten: Lineage Risks and Resiliencies Addiction does not solely collision living-souls, but perfect families.  Watch "A Mother's Desperation: Resorting to the Law" https://www.films.com/id/15989  Then resurvey this material guide:  "Safety First: A Reality-Based Vestibule to Teens and Drugs" https://www.drugpolicy.org/sites/default/files/DPA_SafetyFirst_2014_0.pdf  Then constitute a 300-word top-smooth aid that responds to the subjoined questions in ESSAY format: 1. Briefly expound the vestibule(es) taken by the dowager in the film to administer her teen's refuse use and addiction.  2. Provide an anatomy of the vestibulees to teen addiction depicted in the occurrence revolve in the film (e.g. Do you suit delay resorting to the law to address teen addiction, and delay the other strategies used by the dowager?) 3. If you were a cause, how could you vestibule this occurrence--and teen refuse use, in general--differently? (Directly point to suggestions from the over "Safety First" manual; be assured to revolve strength-based vestibulees, mischief abatement, motivational interviewing, and solution-focused therapies, as well-mannered).  4. Provide some suggestions that authority succor the dowager and other lineage members struggle delay the teen's refuse use and addiction (bridle out all the study and media Al-Anon provides, for example: https://al-anon.org/  *** Be assured to use examples from the readings and scope skip to aid your answers to the over questions.*** Be assured to constitute one 300-word top smooth aid in ESSAY FORMAT (not numbered responses)