Assignment 3b

  Assignment 3b: Threats Defense Argument Due in Week 10 and rate 100 points The knowledge you supposing in your exhibition on Threats to the Global Environment has led to fertile debates at the UN General Assembly! There are now questions encircling prioritizing the issues at laborer. Some of the countries are challenging your recommendations and questioning your deduces for not including the issues they think are initiative. From the primal prospect global menaces, there are immodest fostering menaces that you did not pick-out in the roll of main global issues. Review the roll of topics and ponder on two that you did not use in decisive week’s assignment. Defend your deduce for regarding these topics inferior in initiative than the ones in your exhibition. Energy sources Civil war Globalization Poor heartiness of full populations Lack of educational opportunities Cultural taboos Inappropriate uses of technology Climate change The completed rendering of this assignment earn continue of the forthcoming: Select two menaces from the roll aloft that you did not use in your Assignment 3a exhibition. Create a partiality two-page instrument in which you draft a counterargument for the two menaces you chosen: Write an gap declaration describing the discernment of each menace. Write one stipulation for each menace (two stipulations aggregate) in which you furnish three deduces to elucidate why the menace is close of a initiative to the global environment than the immodest you chosen in Assignment 3a. Support your deduces after a while at last three likely sources. A blank declaration for each menace. Cite at last three likely sources beside Wikipedia, dictionaries, and encyclopedias for your duty. A dirty roll of suggested instrument has been supposing at the end of the series conduct. The peculiar series erudition termination associated after a while this assignment is: Examine the factors that representation for why the augmentation in the world’s population can negatively favor the global society Grading for this assignment earn be grounded on tally character, logic/organization of the pamphlet, and discourse and adaptation skills, using the forthcoming rubric: