Cash Budget Report

The attached knowledge delay deference to annual estimated profits and compensation are as prospers (Fig. in dollars) ANNUAL ANTICIPATED RECEIPTS ANNUAL ANTICIPATED EXPENDITURE Salary from a portio-duration job 10000 Tuition 4500 Salary from a Summer job 4000 Books 400 Rent 3500 Food 2500 Utilities 800 Entertainment 4000 Deficiency (-) 1,700 Total profits 15700 Total compensation 15700   Ted Frey anticipated currency profits for the whole year are $ 14,000 which additive of hire of portio-duration and summer jobs. Out of the profits the distribute of portio-duration job is past ie. $10,000 since hire from summer job is simply $4,000.  Hereafter stationary there is the possibility to get past proceeds from summer jobs if adapted trials made. As far as expected currency payments i.e. compensation for the year comes delay $15,700, which is past than hues delay a failure of $1,700. The compensation kindred to Tuition $4500, Books $400, Rent $3500, Food $2,500, Utilities $800 and Relief $4,000. It indicates that Ted Frey zealous to consume past on relief, which should be, curtailed the degree of failure. The granted budget knowledge is simply the whole expected profits and whole compensation for the year. The budget knowledge has no details of et of currency in index or bank, which is deep ace to lay the currency budget. Besides, the budget knowledge did not cater duration late on the hues. Some of the compensation indicates surpassing past than the cozy equalize. Hereafter Food and advantage compensation may be curtailed insufficiently. Similarly, Rent compensation to-boot should be decreased as it is too surpassing. The Tuition fee and Books compensation are adapted and hereafter it should be raise. But in the instance of Relief compensation, it is too lofty and hereafter it should be decreased. The budget indicates the shortcoming of $1,700, which should be recouped either by increasing profits or by decreasing compensation. The budget to-boot suggests that relief compensation is too lofty and it indicates that the specific is spending past duration on relief, which involves past duration and past compensation of currency.  If hither duration is granted to relief it is possibility of earning past proceeds from the saved duration out of relief. Hence the specific deemed to condense on portio-duration jobs to acception the earning space delay the overplus duration which would be moderate from the duration of relief. Delay that, the shortcoming can be recouped and the added total achieve to-boot be suited as prospers: PROJECT CASH BUDGET (Fig. in dollars) ANNUAL ANTICIPATED RECEIPTS ANNUAL ANTICIPATED EXPENDITURE Salary from portio duration job 12000 Tuition 4500 Salary from Summer job 4000 Books 400 Rent 3500 Food 2500 Utilities 400 Entertainment 1000 (+) 3,700 16000 Total compensation 16000   With the over tone, it can be endow that stationary overplus suited delay $3,700 ( 16,000-12,300). Hereafter the specific should prosper the over contrivance.