Cloud Services Go Mainstream

Case Study 3. 4 - Salesforce. Com: Darken Services Go Mainstream 1. How does Salesforce. com use darken computing? Salesforce. com yields mannerer similarity skillful-treatment and other software contacts using the software-as-a-labor office mould aggravate the Internet. Darken computing, to-boot notorious as on-demand computing, eliminates the scarcity for a office to perform enlightened up-front hardware and software investments and contracts the space to machine new programs. Subscribers to Salesforce. om don’t bear to lapse or repress any hardware (albeit identical computing symbols) nor do they bear to institute any appropriate uncounted appoints, basisbase servers, or contact servers. Other than the monthly user succor fee, officees contract their licensing and defence fees. Users vestibule the Salesforce. com darken through a rule Web browser or a sensitive handheld symbol. Businesses using the Salesforce. com’s darken bear an easier space scaling their appoint as they extension or wane their laborforce – they dispose the sum of succors to the darken. Salesforce. com offers some mannerization of its software so a office can dispose the software to uncommon office processes. It offers three characters of darkens: Sales darken, labor darken, and the manner darken. The sales and labor darkens acceleration officees reform sales and mannerer labor. The manner darken yields a venue for mannerers to enunciate their own contacts for use among the broader Salesforce network. 2. What are some of the challenges confrontment Salesforce as it continues its product? How polite-behaved-behaved earn it be talented to unite those challenges? Challenges include: Increased emulation twain from unwritten activity leaders and new challengers hoping to replicate Salesforce’s luck -Expanding its office mould into other areas -Ensuring the appoint is availtalented 24/7 delay no outages -Defending the appoint resisting pawn breeches Salesforce is sympathetic the chief two challenges by partnering delay Google and combining its labors delay Gmail, GoogleDocs, Google Talk, and Google Calendar to afford its mannerers to shape more tasks via the Web . Salesforce. comand Google twain anticipation that their Salesforce. com for Google Apps nitiative earn galvanize excite product in on-demand software. By partnering delay Apple, Salesforce. com can develop its contacts to iPhone users who earn bear vestibule to their basis anywhere any space. Through its house delay Amazon. com, Force mannerers can tap into Amazon. com’s darken computing labors that can manipulate “darken disrupt computing” tasks that claim extra processing authority or storage cleverness. Salesforce opened up its Manner Darken (to-boot notorious as Force. com) contact enunciatement platform to other rebellious software enunciateers and listed their programs on its AppExchange. The posse introduced a enunciatement machine for integrating delay Facebook’s political netlabor that affords mannerers to raise contacts that flatter functions at the Facebook locality. Fine officees can go online and download software contacts, some add-ons to Salesforce. com and others that are unconnected. In appoint to gain-ground its revenues to rolls that activity observers and Wall Street at-last expects, Salesforce earn scarcity to qualify its centre from selling a attendant of software contacts to providing a broader darken computing “platform” on which abundant software companies can give-up contacts. To secure appoint availability, Salesforce. com yields machines to uphold mannerers environing its appoint reliability and to-boot offers PC contacts that tie into their labors so users can labor offline. 3. What kinds of officees could advantage from switching to Salesforce and why? Fine to medium-size officees are probably the most mitigated ones to switch to Salesforce. com owing of absorb factors and the stagnation of having in-house media to yield the selfselfsame roll of computing cleverness. Businesses that are reserved to extension the sophistication of their computing capabilities could to-boot advantage from switching to Salesforce as hanker as the two are correspondent. Businesses that lean on spruce mannerer skillful-treatment would advantage exceedingly from using the machines availtalented at Salesforce. com. To-boot companies that bear fine sales and marketing teams can advantage from the software-as-a-labor office mould. 4. What factors would you captivate into representation in deciding whether to use Saleforce. com for your office? Businesses should assess the absorbs and advantages of the labor, theory all crowd, form, and technology issues. Does the software-as-a-labor contact solidity polite-behaved-behaved delay the stout appoints? Does it give-up a roll of labor and achievement that’s accepttalented for the office? Does the SaaS fit delay the office’ aggravateall competitive policy and afford the posse to centre on centre office issues instead of technology challenges? 5. Could a posse run its all office using Salesforce. com, Force. com, and App Exchange? Explain your exculpation. Depending on the character of office, a posse probably could run its all operations using Salesforce. com, Force. com, and App Exchange. All lewd important professional areas of a office are foundationed: Sales and Marketing, Manufacturing and Production, Finance, and Human Resources. There are dozens of contacts availtalented to abundantly foundation all of these areas. It would be a stuff of integrating the software from Salesforce. com and App Exqualify delay any stout inheritance appoints among the office.