I need help in Human Resource Management !!

HELP NEED!! HELLO EVERYONE!!, I keep five ppt themes on each theme I demand proper five slides this is sunder of collection assignments so we are enjoy 6 commonalty in the collection perfect special should just 5 slides on each theme as I said we keep 5 opposed themes so, my offering is 5 slides on each theme aggregate 5*5=25 slides. This series is connected to "Human Resource Management". Each collection is to just a PowerPoint offer consisting of 5 slides per learner not including the clothe slide and the allusion slide. Perfect slide demands to understand 100 control in the Notes exception. Your slides should be in-one as one offer. Only one (1) collection portion demands to upload the offer. Please, secure perfect collection portion's spectry is on the clothe slide. You must use at lowest one allusion, in adduction to your quantity. You demand to use in-text citations. Your in-text citation and your allusion (on your allusion slide) must be in APA format. TOPIC01: You demand to choose anyone sharp-end from beneath theme and just 5 slides The Civil Right Rights Act of 1964. Each collection portion achieve choose a theme and collectively examine the chosen theme. You should inform (1) why it is considerable, (2) how it has impacted the workforce, and (3) if that theme has impacted you. TOPIC02:5 slides Thoroughly examine the pro's and Con's of interior and outer recruiting. TOPIC03:5 slides Discuss best practices for hiring top ability and the rule for unraveling top ability from among the construction. TOPIC04:5 slides https://cdn.ymaws.com/www.shrm-morrisnj.org/resource/resmgr/imported/globalcomp[1].pdf Utilizing Chapter 6 unravel a expiation and benefits bundle that you would enjoy to be offered from your construction. There should be opposed artifice for each collection portion. Each learner should use their five slides for their preferred benefits bundle. Please, put your spectry on each slide. TOPIC05: 5 slides https://www.pcg-services.com/human-resource-risk-management-increases-productivity/ Utilizing Chapter 13, examine the areas of employee protection that are most considerable to you. Do you move the construction has the selfselfsame concerns as you? Why?