Assignment Details As an employee of a union that is respecting investing in a alien administration, you entertain been asked to examination a dominion and fashion a gift to your colleagues encircling an area of economic affair in the dominion.  Select a dominion in Africa, Asia, or Latin America to examination.  Select 1 of the forthcoming economic affairs to examination:  Gross Domestic Product (GDP)  Unemployment  Inflation  Quantities of inequitable commodities and services  Exports and imports Research facts sets for the one economic affair among the dominion that you entertain separated.  Prepare 1 gift insisting of 10-12 Power Point slides and solution the forthcoming questions:  What are 2–3 relationships betwixt the economic affair you separated and that inequitable dominion's administration?  Support your discourse of the trends after a suitableness statistical exemplification.  Use graphs and/or facts tables of the variables you chose in the discourse. What trends do you see in the facts sets? Contented clear-up.  Cite all of your sources and apprehend a regard list  Your examination and slides conciliate devise the premise for your Unit 8 Submission Assignment paper, so contenteded be unfailing to be prudent and powerful in your examination.  Present your instruction, after a suitableness misspend pictures/graphics, in a PowerPoint gift. The deep topics or bullet points should show on the slides after a suitableness supported visuals, suitableness the Speaker Notes area (the box located at the profundity of each slide which allows you to model in notes) should be used to go into further profundity respecting these deep topics. Fashion unfailing the notes apprehend instruction from the sources you entertain discovered in your examination. This is very momentous atom of your assignments as it conciliate supply twain you and your interview after a suitableness supported explanations that the bullet posts merely can’t transport. Your gift should insist of a restriction of 12 slides of contented, and the forthcoming: a heading slide, an precursory slide, a conclusions slide, and a regards slide.