Management/ 434

  Skyline Preparatory High for Girls is an upper ten prep initiate delay 47 talent and staff members on the payroll. Jamie Davis, a two-year English initiatemistress, becomes after a while-child. She is not married. She is a slim mother who is not showing apparent signs of pregnancy and has not told the initiate administrators of her pregnancy. In her sixth month of pregnancy she develops pre-eclampsia, necessitating that she go on pregnancy permission after a whileout-delay. Davis requests medical permission due to her pregnancy and applies for FMLA, refined that she is excellent (and owing she desires to attention for her baby forthcoming the baby is born). Skyline Prep's Headmaster, Doris Jones, tells Davis that she must abandon owing she would be contrast a moneyless issue for the students. Davis refuses, and now Doris Jones wants to stop her. You are an advocate located at a New York City law resolute that specializes in holding law. Doris Jones has contacted you for private allowable counsel, fearing that she may endanger the initiate to obligation. What counsel would you bestow to Skyline Prep's Headmaster, Doris Jones? How would you admonish her to produce? Research the laws and allowable cases on the Pregnancy Discrimination Act and the Family Medical Permission Act using online law libraries or other Internet sources of your excellent. Research the Internet for sources on how to frame a humble video on your cell phone or computer if you are not already frank delay how to frame one. Imagine that you are momentous delay Doris Jones via video colloquy or video conferencing. Produce a video of no over than five minutes that addresses the forthcoming delay Doris Jones: Explain the greater components of twain the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) and Family Medical Permission Act (FMLA). Discuss whether or not Davis is defended below the PDA. Discuss whether or not Davis is excellent for FMLA. Evaluate the actions of the initiate in this office. In a substantial and functional way, interpret to Doris Jones what the initiate should do to obviate an redundant office from occurring. As an advocate, what actions would you advise that Doris Jones assume to contravene this office? Discuss this in the video. Conclude the video delay functional noncommunication remarks. Consider the organizational humanization, HR grafting, corporation policies and procedures, and strategic steps that should be addressed in your apology. Test your video to secure that your initiatemistress can known the rasp or join. Post your assignment as an charity, or prepare your initiatemistress delay a join to your video.