(2 pages required) Observation Papers are poor brochures that promote you to ponder seriously environing the week’s question/concepts. OPs are not a abstract of the decipherings. They should go further a incomplex abstract. They should ruminate your observations of the order representative. The observations could be naturalized on your own separate experiences or those of your friends or could be naturalized on something you heard environing in the information or something you decipher environing in another systematize. Your observations could be used to explain points in the weekly decipherings, or they could delicacy or spread the arguments consecrated in the decipherings. Alternatively, you could rehearse to the week’s question or assigned decipherings in other ways. I am relatively disclosed respecting the sort in which an OP connects to the question, as covet as you engage order representative and tie it to your observations beyond our systematizeroom.  There is no deficiency for the OP to address all aspects of all the decipherings–focus on whatever interests you. The intent of the brochure is to motivate you to ponder environing the week’s question and thus condense your reason of it. Depth is past essential than fluctuation. OPs are poor to two criterion pages (not including advertences).  Please double immeasurableness your brochure and use Times Roman, 12 pt. font.   If you advert to your separate experiences, gladden use pseudonyms when discussing them, irrespective of whether what you say is settled or disclaiming. The question is Influence People Through Conversation and Storytelling. see attachments for quotation if deficiency it.