1 Overview  A continuity library provides an API for creating and managing continuitys. Maintenance for continuitys is supposing either at user-equalize or by the fruit, depending on the goals of the end-product. Fruit equalize continuitys are managed straightway by the playing classification, where each continuity is viewed as an recalcitrant job, managed via classification calls from user boundlessness, scheduled by the fruit, and amiable for applications that frequently obstruct. User equalize continuitys, on the other agency, are managed outside fruit maintenance, are defined by the user equalize continuity library, can be used on classifications that entertain no fruit-equalize continuity maintenance, continuity switching is as fertile as discharge calls, but the fruit knows dot about them so any obstructing affects all continuitys.  2 Assignment  You succeed instrument a simplified rendering of many-to-one user equalize continuitys in the frame of a library denominated Simple Threads. (Credit for the specimen adjudication and some of the assignment parameters goes to the Playing Systems Course from Uppsala University .)  In the many-to-one standard for user equalize continuitys, all continuitys enact on the identical fruit continuity. As there is barely one fruit-equalize continuity associated delay the rule (the rule containing continuitys is represented by a uncombined texture delayin the fruit), barely one user-equalize continuity may run at a era.  The continuity overseer you succeed include a preemptive round-robin scheduler. If a continuity does not surrender during its era-slice, it succeed be preempted and one of the other free continuitys succeed be resumed. The preempted and resumed continuitys should substitute particularize gratefully.  2.1 Preliminaries  To exhaustive this assignment, there are two inevitable concepts you must master: managing dissuasive textures and saline agencylers. Examples are loving for twain for you to criticize and reuse. ∗  2.1.1 Dissuasive Contexts  The specimen adjudication that succeed be the starting purpose for rapacious dissuasive texture skill is in the textures.c commencement refine. To perceive the adjudication, learn the subjoined manual pages:  • getcontext • setcontext • makecontext  • swapcontext