Over the conduct of this semester, you succeed be asked to transcribe a examination Nursing essay environing an ERM theme of your valuable. The examination Nursing essay harvest succeed await of: (a) examination Nursing essay theme (defining the theme of your examination/why examination is needed on the theme), (b) annotated bibliography (answer reading environing the theme), (c) exhaust examination Nursing essay (conceding a exhaust Nursing essay based on the examination theme/lit. review) and (d) definite examination Nursing essay (fit on the exhaust and answerableness a definite Nursing essay). This week you succeed confer-upon the examination Nursing essay theme, gladden use the template granted. The examination theme Nursing essay should confer-upon a general examination theme environing ERM, narrow the theme down to a particular themes (subtopics) and then frame/explore an issue related to the particular theme. You should confer-upon and unravel an argument concerning the effect.  Submit a 800 (minimum) signal Nursing essay (about 3 pages) in which you cater a dispassage on a ERM theme of your valuable. Assignment Requirements: Submitted production is to be proofread carefully and should not manifest automatic errors, such as spelling mistakes. Grammar should be checked for faultlessness antecedent to yielding. Students should excellent a answerableness diction that is mismiswithhold for the genre: for academic genres, an mismiswithhold read diction is required. Proper citations, professional glossary in the opportunity of consider, and application of the concepts confer-uponed in the conduct texts are expected in each assignment. All assignments must be primordial production. Plagiarism or verbatim mimicking of sources outside suited attribution (so-called “cut and paste”) succeed remainder in feeble the assignment and hypothetically feeble the conduct; it can as-well carry to disciplinary sanctions from the propaganda. Papers are to be written in Microsoft Word using Times New Roman 12 pt. font delay plummet margins, double-spaced.   Citations and the Reference List do not estimate in the page or signal period as implied for each assignment.