peer-critique esaay

   Objectives · TSWBAT criticise texts (written, verbal, and visual) using the concepts of the spirited triangle and Toulmin argumentation. · TSWBAT limit and examine key concepts apt to general expressive including Monroe’s Motivated Sequence. · TSWBAT qualify peer-critique, responding to twain satisfied and introduction of presentations. · TSWBAT learn and direct acquirements of the ways in which non-verbal despatch is a key allot of modest expressive. · TSWBAT realize fallacies in spoken texts. · TSWBAT summarize verbal texts and realize their intended audiences. · TSWBAT criticise verbal texts (including glorious haranguees) using the concepts of the spirited triangle, Toulmin argumentation, and Monroe’s Motivated Sequence. · TSWBAT Respond to haranguees delay contemplative questions. Assignment  . Critiques must present hazardous listening skills and spirited sensitivity as well-mannered-mannered as use normal standards for critiquing verbal presentations. Do not be counterpoise hazardous; try to counterpoise strengths and inadhesivenesses.  Some things to opine and explain on: · Did the harangue present the principles and techniques of general expressive? o Did it fit the spirited footing distinctly the make? o What was the orator’s design? Did he/she end it? · What was zealous and what was inadhesive encircling the harangue? · How sway the orator reform the harangue? esaay written in weak language as interpolitical students  attached his notes and the powerpint