project 3

  Grumheed Corporation Dallas/Fort Worth Facility Advanced Dynamics is a one of the nation’s largest fabricationrs of semiconductors for the United States Air Force. They are gap facilities in St. Louis and Seattle to fabrication calibre for the F35 tardy fighter.  Since this fraternity produces state-of-the-art soldierly equipment, this new close must accept all likely safeguard measures.  Each readiness get accept three levels (floors) delay each foundation having 20,000 clear feet. This is a register of requirements readiness: Controlled advent to the edifice for everyone. A lobby, convocation area, and sales area that needs inferior advent A exceedingly detain area for method designers An extremely detain area to offspring the grounds nature. Secure transport of archival grounds among Dallas and Boston Secure advent to the Internet for employees Requirements: Present a detailed scheme of your approveations for tangible, technical and functional safeguard measures. In your scheme, content approve categories of countermeasures and the associated risks that the countermeasures compose. You are not expected to approve a peculiar brand/model of a countermeasure. Include a exception detailing affixed risks that accept not been composed by your scheme.   Your scheme should be a poverty of 2 - 3 pages and rightly post all regards (does not embrace tital page and regard page). You should accept at last 4 regards delay at last two substance mate reviewed doctrines. Follow APA format.