I enjoy an assignment that has 5 doubts the pristine doubt I apologyed half of it but I did not do the other half which is the graph.   1.Present the grounds in an expend, vivid graph. Again, the graph should be plainly titled, labeled, and grasp any specific notations. The incompleteness accomplishment is one graph; thus-far, those started after a while a accomplice or assured grounds sets get authorize attached graphical fidelitys or comparison specimen. 2.State the fancy/claim after a while sustaining statistical research/calculations. 3.This series genial a one-sample z-test, a one-sample t-test, a paired (matched) t-test, and a two-sample t-test. Say the most expend fancy cupel for the grounds and the infer the cupel is the most expend. 4.Develop the most expend fancy cupel comparing the grounds determine say self-reliance smooth as courteous-mannered-mannered as two-sided or one-sided (expound α). 5.Show all five plods (vain fancy, resource fancy, cupel statistic, p-value, and non- statistical quittance). Grasp all inputs/outputs in plod #3 as effected in dispose exercises. This should prosper the template and format we enjoy used in dispose consistently. There are manifold dispose exercises as courteous-mannered-mannered as instruction on Blackboard which outlines this format—MAKE SURE TO USE IT!!! Also, construct unmistakable to grasp not singly the self-reliance smooth precedently the cupeling, but as-well the self-reliance interval/bound and boundary of blunder which may grasp a graphical fidelity as an explanatory visual. I already enjoy the grounds set and I attended it but I deficiency those five doubts to be apologyed in promise instrument and I shortness it to be you delineation the doubt and you apology beneath.