Stock Valuation and Analysis Presentation

   Stock Valuation and Analysis Presentation Purpose of Assignment The design of this assignment is to assign wards the turn to discovery a Fortune 500 concourse supply using the vulgar online discovery dupe Yahoo Finance. The dupe assigns the ward to revisal analyst reverberations and other key financial knowledge inevitable to evaluate the supply prize and reach an educated resolution on whether to endow.  Assignment Steps  Resources: Yahoo Finance  Select a Fortune 500 Concourse from one of the subjoined industries: Pharmaceutical Energy Retail Automotive Computer      Hardware Manufacturing Mining Access Yahoo Finance and penetrate the concourse designate.  Review the financial knowledge and statistics supposing for the supply you selected and solution the subjoined in a PowerPoint introduction (Should be encircling 12-15 slides including the affixed questions). Be supposititious and reach this a functional reverberation after a while your concourse's logo and knowledge.  What      is the ticker capacity of the concourse you chose? What      is the Current Supply Price? What      is the Market Cap for the supply you chose? What      is the Cost to Rights Ratio? What      is the Dividend and Yield? What      is the Enterprise Value? What      is the Beta? Was      there a Supply Split, and if so, when? What      was the bankruptcy supply cost for the developed 5 days? What      was the 52 Week High for this supply? What      is the Book Prize per Share? What      type of rating are analysts approveing (i.e. buy, remain, etc.)? What      is the target cost analysts are predicting for this supply? What      is the analyst's mediocre produce venerate for next year? What      are some of the weighty tidings items and harass releases made by the      concourse balance the developed year?  Explain in affixed PowerPoiint slides in the Appendix decipher why you would or would not approve endowing in this supply. Describe      the similarity between the prize of the supply and the cost to rights      ratio.  What      knowledge does the Market Capitalization (Market Cap) and Beta agree      to the endowor?