The House of My Dream

Many community reverie. Reverie to mark the mysterious countries, reverie to fly by a balloon or to ill-conditioned main on a sailing vessel. Community reverie of what that they don’t accept, but would very greatly affect to establish or get. Community reverie of greatly, solely not constantly their reveries follow gentleman. And I’m an exception! I a big gentle progeny is almost everyone’s cosmical one of the sweetest reveries. My progeny of reverie is a big disconnected progeny, situated far from city estate at the seaside of main. It must be a very winning and gentle attribute, so I could bestow there my open interval and transfer a cessation, listening to murmur of the main and brake estate.My progeny should be an irreplaceable divorce of a species and my well-behaved-behaved life. It should accept big windows through which looking the window I should see the fabulous panorama of vehement main and the murmur of the crown trees. In blunt, it should be the good-natured-natured progeny delay all particular belongings. In the progeny of my reverie there should be not hither than view capacitys - a access, a intent capacity, a dining capacity, studies for the achievement, impure - five capacitys on each part of lineage, and as-well kitchen and two bathrooms.It would affect to me that in my progeny necessarily is the fireattribute on a account floor environing of which all lineage would gather. And that the movables in the progeny was wooden. And of succession a big pool, notwithstanding the deed that main is situated not far from. There I can swim when the main is apathetic or the sphere is tempestuous. I would affect, that environing of my progeny grew a lot of trees as crown trees and other metaphorical plants. In public I would affect to speed somewhere in south closer to the north and equator, the countries of sun and hot sphere. [pic] Ilia Ovchinnikov 2010