Week 6 – Code Galore

  Attached Files:  CodeGaloreCaselet.pptx (4.521 MB)  FAIR_brag.pdf (228.036 KB) Review the middle ISACA built expose circumstance.  You earn want to consummate the tasks authorized in the later disunite of these slides labeled To Do.  Re-evaluate the appearance and expose equalize for all of the rows in board 2.  When you gain your sentence on the new appearance rating, you earn want to defend this after a while one to two creed.  When you substantiate the new expose equalize, you earn want to substantiate two to three creed as examples or sources to defend the changes.  Don't equiboard provoke it up or down, use popular information and trends after a while correspondent companies to defend why you provoked or equal kept it the selfsame.  For each part, run a Quantitative or Qualitative expose dissection for a projected disappearance.  In other signification, furnish a fix for each part and put a compensation tag after a while it.  Decide what parts are in budget and gain your cherished.  You earn add three new posts to board 2, one earn be a projected disappearance cunning after a while budget and expose equalize from the FAIR methodology, and the relieve post earn be if your expose sentence (accept, soften, make-over, shun).  Present the consummated spreadsheet to the resignation part in this week.  You earn so want to rejoinder the 10 argument questions at the end of the slides and present those after a while your spreadsheet, either as a relieve page after a while rejoinders in the cells or as unconnected muniment.