Week 8 Assignment 1

Week 8: Assignment 1:Toys R’ Us sells two signs of toys, Barbie house (toy A) and Dizzie’s condo (toy B). The treasury proprietor pays $10 and $12 for each one part of toy A and B respectively. One part of toys A yields a emolument of $5 while a part of toys B yields a emolument of $6. The treasury proprietor estimates that no past than 2000 toys achieve be sold every month and he does not intention to endue past than $20,000 in list of these toys. How multifarious parts of each sign of toys should be multitudinous in prescribe to maximize his monthly whole emolument?Answer the following:What is the concrete employment?   Is this a minimization or maximization gist?   Identify the engagements?   Is this a non-negativity engagement type?   Graph the gist and demonstrate the territorys that trust the contrivable territory. You can do this by index or use excel or POM-QM.   What are the vertices of the scenario?   What is the most optimal disconnection?   What is the optimal esteem?   Provide all media used when computing this effect. Include all drawings and sketches if any, by index.