Week 8 Case Study: Couple Interviews

   Instructions - Predicament Regard Outline 1. Learn the forthcoming predicament regard and colloquy questions; adequate the colloquy delay a cockney. Week 8 Predicament Study: Cockney Interviews Couple Interviews Students are to influence an colloquy delay one cockney (e.g., race/cultural difference; selfselfsame sex cockneys; older versus younger cockneys; etc.). You achieve portray the cockneys’ strengths and sound functioning patterns. Please hush, this is an duty colloquy, not a counseling convocation. The duty colloquy questions underneath can be integrated into your Predicament Regard draft. You may accept the discretion to workman transcribe, audio annals by phone, or video tape this colloquy.(if you pick-out to video tape, you must accept the camera on you and not the cockney).  You can use this colloquy as a relation, to benefit you in completing your duty. You are going to use the notification from the cockney colloquy to formulate your answers for the Predicament regard draft surrender.  Develop a matter artifice and interventions,  and Adequate the predicament regard draft, shaft a 1-2 tiny video on your draft. Submit your draft as an benevolence. Do not shaft the questions/or video annalsing of the cockney. Your draft should exhibit recognition into cockney dynamics, such as the patterns and strengths you identify delayin the cockney. Regard interrogation the cockney what they regard to be an leading romance about their relationship. What do you fancy this romance media? You may to-boot ask the cockney to mention you how they met. Use instrument from your citation, videos and learnings. Do not comprise questions in your transcribe up. Submit your predicament regard draft. Potential Questions for Your Cockney Interview This is lawful to get you working, you can add or edit these…. 1. How desire were your parents married (if they were)? ________ 2. Are they quiescent Married_______ Divorced? ________ 3. Did you do any pre-marital counseling? How did you adapt for espousals? 4. Do you regard espousals a era commitment? 5. Please grant your single determination of "Marriage." Who accept been your role models for espousals? 6. From your viewpoint, what are the advantages or benefits of a espousals? 7. What are its disadvantages? 8. What has been your biggest alarm in entity married? 9. Is your espousals irrelative than how you imagined espousals to be? 10. What accept been some of the obstacles you accept had to overcome as a cockney? 11. How do you mention whether a espousals is happy? 12. How has your effect of espousals modifiable gone you were a slip? 13. How has having slipren done your espousals? 14. How do you swerve in-laws? 2. Adequate the Predicament Regard Draft (use pseudo-names and do not comprise photos).  a. Background notification and Socio-cultural regardations. b. Duty (duty methods must be congruous delay the supposition you accept learn for this week’s assignments, video clips or supposition mentioned in the vignette). c. Matter artifices, must roll 3 matter goals that ensue close completion solving. d. Interventions (Interventions must be congruous from supposition/ theories you are using for the predicament regard) comprise related stakeholders as sunder of the interventions as needed. e. Discuss coming examination that may be needed. 3. Your Predicament Regard Draft should be attached as a Word .doc refine (.doc, .docx) or PDF.   Video Link  5 Essential Moves of the EFT Tango delay Dr. Sue Johnson   Book:  Goldenberg, H., & Goldenberg, I. (2013): Chapters 15 and 16