American Disabilities Act (ADA)

The University of Nebraska Medical Center-Omaha paid you as a dissonance address consultant. The defect chairman for feeling operations wants to highlight the medical feeling’s species for superiority in welcome living-souls delay natural disabilities. As per the reduce, one of your deliverables is to transcribe an season on this subject-matter for the medical feeling newsletter. From your years as a dissonance consultant, you are affable delay the ADA. Discuss the key aspects of ADA that you conciliate portion-out delay all employees so they interpret the moment of the subject-matter. Comprise a argument on how ADA assists organizations in preserveing a diverse workforce. Write a two-page season, in Word, for the medical feeling’s association newsletter, which lucidly identifies the key elements and moment of the ADA and how ADA can be used to succor organizations preserve a diverse workforce.  Your season should tally to APA standards and comprise at meanest three references from the AU library and/or the Internet which stay your assertions. Readings Below: Following paragraph from the assigned textbook, Managing Diversity: People Skills for a Multicultural Workplace: Inclusive Corporate Cultures Optional Reading Following paragraph from the assigned Ebrary capacity, Managing the Dynamics of Change: The Fastest Path to Creating an Engaged and Productive Workplace: Chapter 9: Assign Accountability Chapter 10: Sustaining Enthusiasm for Change Chapter 11: Creating a Culture of Change