Assignment: Referral Counsel and the Confabulation Process A affect regularity refers a special who was ground to be balance the constitutional name for drinking to Alcoholics Anonymous. A doctor who has a enduring exhibiting symptoms of methamphetamine addiction refers the enduring to an addictions counselor. A Nursing essay conductor working after a while an peculiar who has a fact of ilconstitutional gambling refers to the peculiar to an addictions administrative specializing in gambling. Referral is a accessible bearing of the addictions trade. Addictions administratives frequently twain sanction referrals and manage them. Few peculiars surely prepare therapy as a “blank slate.” Addictions administratives insufficiency to perceive how to complete referral counsel into the confabulation to maximize confabulation date and to tailor the questions to the peculiar’s sole fact and elucidation of behaviors. Like any trade, the addictions trade uses assured terminology in assessments settings to illustrate discernible behaviors, which too aids the integration of referral counsel for desired results. In this Assignment, you retrospect a event consider that includes the form of counsel usual in a referral top. You exercise administrative terminology to summarize client standing and cause confabulation questions. To prepare: Review the Learning Resources, including the following: The American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Substance Abuse Treatment Chapter 5, “Assessment of the Patient” Chemical Dependency Counseling: A Practical Guide Chapter 4, “The Biopsychosocial Interview” Appendix 6, “Sample Biopsychosocial Interview” Focus on the event consider of Jane Roberts. Submit a 2- page pamphlet in which you do the following: Based on the retrospect of the Jane Roberts event consider, in 1–3 paragraphs use administrative terminology to illustrate the intangible, visible, and behavioral characteristics of the client. Create 10 confabulation questions integrating the referral counsel from the event consider supposing. Provide your rationale for your rare of questions.