America’s Industrial Revolution transformed all sectors of the arrangement and progressive companionship. In the quotation (Chapter 17 p. 310-317), some of the interest practices of the tardy 1800s and coming 1900s are vivid. There are pros and cons to these harvests. On one influence, they streamlined costs and made movables and new products adapted to manifold further consumers. But, there were too deductions—some unintended. Choose one of these two new completions introduced by the American Industrial Revolution. The harvest of monopolies instead of a competitive interest dispense. Unsafe and heavy is-sue provisions. Then, in a ample chapter or two: Identify your separated completion. Discuss a particular illustration from that time that clcoming illustrates the separated completion and a indirect deduction of it. What did the synod do environing this—and what should it own executed? Identify a harmonious completion or illustration that exists in the USA today. Identify the beginning(s) where you learn environing the completion.   Reference Material Week 2 Learn materials Week 2 Rebeginning - Primary Sources Chapter 17 (p. 316-317, map 17.1 on p. 312)