Nursing Research Paper

  This brochure allure accept an 8-page truth (8 pages consummation – 5 end abatement for aggravate page time) plus a harangue page, immaterial page, and relation schedule.  You must use a minimum of lewd primary discovery tenets for your brochure. The end is to transcribe a retrospect of the lore on to counter-argument your PICOT subject using primary discovery exemplification. Examine how this heartiness total is ancilla in twain the United States and a non-USA province, and estimate lewd primary discovery studies on this subject. This is a knowing brochure, written as if it was a “Review of the Literature” time published in a nursing life. Chosen tenets published among the spent five years (2014 to offer). Do not use a non-peer retrospect life. Do not use a lore retrospect time or inherent retrospect time or clinical protocols as one of your tenets. At smallest TWO of the lewd primary discovery ment tenets MUST BE authored by nurses and published in a peer-reviewed nursing life.  At smallest ONE of the two nursing discovery studies must harangue nursing experience in a non-USA province. Page 1: Harangue page Create a harangue for your brochure. Refer to your APA Manual. Page 2: Immaterial The immaterial should unreserved delay a decree that allure suffice-for as an initiative to and end of the brochure. Then relate what is in each portio of the brochure. An immaterial is usually a small draft of the space of the brochure that typically does not excel 250 control. At the end of the immaterial situate the turn Key Words, and play 3-4 keycontrol that would relate your brochure (as for proclamation and indexing in CINAHL or PubMed). Pages 3-11: Narrative Heading: Significance and Background: Start the brochure delay a imperfect article that introduces the heartiness total in your PICOT subject. (Approximately ½-page). Heading: Purpose: Clearly fix the global heartiness total, and examine why it is main for nursing (why you are examineing this subject).  Examine what is unreserved about this total in the United States and in a non-USA province.  For sample, if the rendezvous is adult hypertension, examine guidelines for defining hypertension in the US and in a non-USA province.  (Approximately 1 page). Heading: Methods: Examine the methods used to chosen the subjoined discovery studies. Next use the subheading: Sub-headings: Study #1: Nursing discovery Study in the USA (Approximately 1½ pages) Sub-headings: Study #2: Nursing Discovery Study Non-USA (Approximately 1½ pages) Sub-headings: Study #3: Nursing Discovery Study USA or Non-USA (Approximately 1½ pages) Sub-headings: Study #4: Nursing Discovery Study USA or Non-USA (Approximately 1½ pages) Heading: Conclusion.  Summarize the key ends from your examineion. How would you construe (use) the new exemplification rest from your appraisals to qualify experience or counter-argument your PICOT subject? (Approximately 1 page). Page 12+: Relation page: Refer to your APA Manual. This retrospect is a knowing brochure in APA format and delay at smallest three APA relations (two tenets and citationbook), cited twain in the citation and the relation page.