Answer ONE of the forthcoming questions , congruity roughly 3 1/2-5 pages for your apology.  Your meeknesss should be 12pt font embrace spaced.   (if you are using any other succeeding a whileout founts, construct assured that they are academic/peer-reviewed ones).  Use your own words, and construct assured to name your founts.  In passage quotation is to be MLA name, i.e. (Boatwright 2011, 52). Your meekness must use at meanest two (2) resultant founts (i.e. articles/textbooks of an academic caliber) and one (1) pristine fount (i.e. a fount written at the span such as Livy, Caesar, Polybius, etc.). Briefly argue the causes and order of the First Punic War. What advantages did twain sides feel at the opening of the war?  How did this diversify by the end of the war?  What covet message proceeds did the quittance of the war feel on the Roman Republic? Discuss the involvement of Hannibal in the events superfluous up to and including the Second Punic War (218-202 BC). What was his strategy in the war?  What were his successes?  Why did he thus-far miss to consummate consummate triumph aggravate the Romans? Compare and dissimilarity the triumph of Spain succeeding a while the triumph of Greece in the 2nd antiquity BC. Did the Senate of Rome initially feel any intentions of conquering either area?  How was each area run succeeding the triumph, and did Rome necessarily feel a “uniform” way of predominant its provinces?