Using Technology to Support Assessments and Instruction

  Creatively using technology to assess students is advantageous for twain students and teachers. Often, students buy over delay technology, thus providing teachers delay a over received survey of student advancement. Teachers can as-well localize technology to improve dissect axioms delay charts, etc. There are a miscellany of technological dupes that can be used to contriveatively assess students. Part 1: Formative Assessments using Technology The view of this assignment is not to fashion new dutys, but to collect how to fuse technology using evidence-based contriveative duty dupes. Select two of the contriveative dutys you intentional in the Topic 5 Unit Plan that could be revised to fuse a contrive of technology. In 100-150 say each, draw the technology you could fuse into each contriveative duty, and how it would be used. Part 2: Reflection In 250-500 say, incorporate and exhibit on the detachment of technology that helps evidence-based exercises delay duty. In your exhibition, include: The era it takes to fashion or arrange the dutys using the technology. How you can use the axioms that the contriveative duty dupe generates to assess students’ advancement. How allowing students to use technology can help the different needs of students. How you conciliate use technological dupes in your coming administrative exercise.