Week 1 Ecological Footprint Update and Course Reflections

Throughout this round you conciliate be asked to obey a chronicle about your experiences in the arrange.  The object of this temper is to strengthen you to return on your understanding:  what new things you accept discovered, what surprises you accept encountered, what subject-matters or ideas you conciliate accept capital especially challenging, and how the execrate is going for your.  During the five weeks in which you are participating in the Environmental Footprint Reduction Project, in Week 2 through Week 4 you conciliate use this chronicle as a interinterspace for a advancement recital on your efforts.  Your entries conciliate be evaluated in stipulations of how well-behaved-behaved they met the subject-matter and prolixity requirements, and your adaptation clarity.  Your entries should be a minimum of one typed page and envelop interspaced, Times New Roman, and 12 top font.  In the pristine section or two of your pristine originatening, content return on your anterior experiences, if any after a while environmental skill and environmental issues.  What new things do  yoyou anticipation to undercontinue in this round?  What concerns or fears do you accept about this arrange?  What strategies to you drawing to put in settle to oration them? In another one or two sections, portion-out your thoughts about the pristine week of arrange.  What did you understand?  What experiences continue out for you?  What tasks or compete did you experience up-hill or frustrating?  What activities did you experience marvellous or animated?  Look forward, what are your intrigued or careful by in the relieve week of the round. Finally find a roll of at last five lifestyle changes you drawing to consign to making for your round-long Ecological Footprint Reduction Project.  Once you accept archivesed them in your chronicle you should originate leading those steps and obeying a weekly chronicle to archives of your efforts.   You conciliate recital on the results in a arrange discourse in Week 5.