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  reference magnitude  Heneman, H., Judge, T. & Kammeyer-Mueller. (2018). Staffing Organizations (9th ed.). McGraw-Hill.   reply to the students' defense in 150 control incompleteness and produce 1 reference question Discuss similarities and differences between convertibility trials and entireness trials. Student defense   An entireness trial is used when jobs insufficiency exalted confidence and completeness, which could be a bank teller, warranty escort, or someone nature vetted for a warranty evacuation. A convertibility trial has a roam rank of operation measures, and is conducting the trial balance a stupendous rank of jobs and companies. A few similarities after a while the two trials are fake defenses are mitigated, there's a sparing amount of validation, and twain use a overlook to convoke their axioms. One of the differences is an entireness trial geared towards a positive stroke, while the convertibility trial casts a roam net.  Assessment & Selection Other Assessment Methods. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://www.opm.gov/policy-data-oversight/assessment-and-selection/other-assessment-methods/integrityhonesty-tests/.