Cardiovascular Disease Essay

Cardiovascular Malady Essay   Use a detached chapter for each endanger constituent. 1.5page- 2 page   Part One:  Risk Factors  List all the governable endanger constituents for coronary disposition malady (i.e. smoking) AND clear-up why they put you at endanger for developing disposition malady.    2.   List the ungovernable endanger constituents for Coronary Disposition Disease/Coronary          Artery Malady (i.e. age) and clear-up how they put you at endanger for          developing cardiovascular malady.    3.  Using your results on the Cardiovascular Malady Endanger Assessment         worksheet (Lab 10.1 on MyHealth), acceptance the aftercited investigations. What is your CVD endanger toll jaw (points)? What is your estimated         risk? Are you surprised by your results?  Are you content delay your CVD         endanger rating? Why or why not? (I'm not surprised owing I'm robust)    4.  identify a endanger area that you can veer, such as smoking,         exercise, or violent emphasis.  Then register at last three steps or strategies         for changing the endanger area you’ve disconnectedd. Part Two:  Cardiovascular Diseases Use a detached chapter for each investigation adown.     1.   Cite the beginning you used to exploration a make of cardiovascular           disease.       2.   Explain in component the cardiovascular malady you chose to exploration.     3.  What are the endanger constituents for this malady?  What can a individual do to           veer their endanger of developing this cast of CVD.     4.  What are the effects/symptoms of this CVD?     5.  What are the treatments for the malady?