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Midterm Review – MGT 3301 Summer 2017 Below is a register of topics that get produce you a unconcealed purpose of what get be tested on the midterm. The symbolical seasoned in the Condition lection 1-7, and 9, end of condition questions, slide dress, and videos. The exam get halt of 50 multiple valuable questions. Chapter #1 The Function of Management Efficiency and Effectiveness Classical vs. Humanistic Perspective What Managers Do Making the Leap to Manager Relationship of Technical, Human and Conceptual skills to management Chapter #2 External Environment and its Types Internal Environment Management perspectives balance time Recent Historical Trends Corporate Culture and Types Chapter #3 • Globalization Changing International Environment Corporate Social responsibilityChapter #4 Shareholder vs. Stakeholder model How to find holy decisions Strategies to Build an Holy Organization Triple Bottom Line Whistleblowing Chapter #5 Setting Goals Advantages and Pitfalls of Planning Crises Planning Cost Leadership vs. Differentiation SWOT AnalysisChapter #6 Decision-making Model Advantages and Challenges of Group decision-making • GroupthinkChapter #7 Designing Organization Structure Structural Approaches – Advantages and Disadvantages Chapter #9 Strategic Human Resource Management Major Federal Laws Related to Human Resource Management HR Planning Developing Talent Maintaining an Effective Workplace Workplace Prejudice Discrimination and Stereotypes