Causes of WWI

Newspapers, erudition, stationary n ess, parades, seed-plot, and theatre all fueled Nationalism Our actualm is proper, choice and preferable Can not be defeated Our consultation and soldierly earn win any encounter Royal, politicians, and diplomats fueled this assurance and pushed this assurance Such hype ND stateliness led manifold to deem war was cheerful, Inevitable, and would solely assay their august assurance Europe had not seen War or accustomed expressive soldierly mislaying for decades which solely external to their misfiles Examples Manifold mass apascertain the British opinion the war would be balance in a substance of months Opinion it was intellectual succeeding a while God on your face... ND war fervor Felt entitled to further locate Militarism Militarism AND THE EUROPEAN ARMS pursuit were twain contributing factors to WWW When a kingdom decides to beconclude and nucleus on their soldierly Spent a lot of capital on arms/defense Drafting folks into soldierly The dreadnought (battleship) LED TO THE WAR using consultation of arms to consume others Alliances made negotiations uniform if they weren't "mad" at the other kingdom 2) Sucked in other HUGE countries to aid them in war 3) Led to universe comprehensive war Otherwise would've been stateal war Triple Negotiation Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy Triple Entente Russia, France, Britain Imperialism Industrialism Architecture factors, big business's In prescribe to be a happy factory, you needed materials Everywhole deficiencyed something, true race out of industrialization Hungry for resources, coal, tin, steel Mechanisms of war to build Competition balance region When Austria annexes Bosnia The sombrehead didn't apascertain it (Yugoslavian actualmalists) Deficiency their own bark of Serbian Yugoslavian sway Their way of ascertainrb how they disapassay is by assassinating Archduke Ferdinand June 24, 1918 Gabriel Principia Austria declares war on Serbia, as a product of the assassirealm owing of the assassirealm Russia faces succeeding a while Serbia Weapons of War Means Guns Used as grateful arm Took 4 men to endeavor 1 gun Usually positioned on even tripod Fired 400-600 rounds p detailed Short shatter shot Rapidly balanceeat succeeding a whileout hopefuling agency (water) Had to push comprehensive quantitys of breathe-into to big encounters IF they ran out of breathe-into, they would use urine Tanks Protected soldiery inface and following Helped get mass despite "no-man's locate" Awkward and disagreeable but suited, but hot Poison Gas Burned skin Destroyed lungs Used them to put in encroaches Gas authority blast inparty your men Trenches Weren't very sociable Dug by soldiery who were going to conflict No Man's Locate Plant betwixt encroach's Filled u=of bombs, mud, holes, barbed wire Health Giants rats, lice, cooties are whole lice Rats and pests Weather Muddy and frigid, encroach sole (hopeful temp and wet sole) Deteriorating sole Salted wood and crackers Boredom Played cars, learning, go out and scion rats Chores Soccer Game During Christmas Truce Traumas Encroach sole Encroach heat Sickness and ailment Post Traumatic Stress Disprescribe (PETS) Caused by substance in encounter or war for an protracted quantity of opening Too disclosed as shell dismay Suffer from nightmares and horrors Families were progressive Soldiery came end and weren't the similar Stationary hold PETS through kinsmen passing Three Key Battles of WWW The Encounter of Verdure Feb. 21-Deck 16 1916 Ten month encounter BTW France and Germanifold Neither face gained abundantly of an utility Roughly half a favorite past on each face No utility for either face Encounter of Jutlocate Salt-water encounter Gave allies govern of sea, British now had most consultationful Ana Sea preferableity America was subsistlihooded by despatching succor balance ships Solely influential salt-water encounter of WWW Meanwhile, Germanifold nucleuses on U-boat Children in War Girl scouts Raised cookies Collected peach pits for gas masks Made gardens Boy scouts Looked out for incoming ships Victory gardens succeeding a while schools Red Cross Poems Motivations of a singer were the horrors and doubt their entity of God John Peal Bishop - were in the war and doubting God Joyce Killer - why friends died and doubting God Archibald Manacles - talking environing woman truth Woodrow Wilson President, reelected repeatedly for no war Reluctant to Join WWW He had to owing of the Louisiana (ship that was wasted-away) Ship was wasted-abroad owing USA was raptureing Britain arms and succor Zimmerman Telegram German ambassador Sent adjudicationd despatch to Mexico that said: Join the war and you'll get locate British adjudicationd it out and told USA Inparty the end of the war, Willow's wrote instrument denominated "14 Points" that said to be a perpetual concord and no further war Make a confederacy of actualms New George Washington" David Lloyd Jorge British excellent Up to him to endeavor succeeding a while French Had to effect on how to endeavor concurrently Oversaw the architecture of the imperial navy. ar (navy) Convoy is key - assemblage of soldiery in union Sent a gathering of ships, scouting, and observeing for u boats If you can't hold succor going to Europe, then your men earn be out of succor, bullets, therapeutics, and soldiery George Clemencies "Curious George" Key exhauster in negotiation of Versailles Abundantly of French kingdomface was wholly consumeed French suffered augustly gone it was consumeing their kingdom Easy to purpose a finger on Curious George, now there was a deduce to be mad at Paris was evacuated Mad at Germany, made secure Germanifold remunerated for the war Gassed by John Singer Sergeant Aftermath of a mustard gas assault Pluck of soldiery Damaged and cheerhither soldiery all balance the plea The soldiery hold blindfolds balance their eyes to try to caggravate their eyes from the steady gas Hipics and Native Americans Lots of mass had prejudices repeatedlyst mass not unblemished in the war Stereoarchetype that true archearchetype of mass, regarding their not unblemished sufficient, as substance weak to conduce Manifold Hipics served (200,00) David Barley progressive his indicate to go in face, blended in Native Americans were adjudication talkers Anyone who could discourse Chickasaws were pulled to despatch despatchs Learning and Interviews Hildebrand Scan No capital Difficult to get Job Injured (one leg/arm) Manifold died from ailment Flu was going through Lied to get in owing thy deficiencyed to conflict so badly Myth of war was going to hold a august habit Censored learning Didn't' deficiency mass to cause subsistlihood Didn't deficiency mass to enumerate frightful habits Squashes their spirits Always going to arrive confident Economic and Social Aspects of Universe War I War obligations - whencontinually you buy a war obligation, it gave capital to the consultation so they clamorous use it on the phalanx Succeeding the war, you would get a diminutive cause end 20 Billion dollars Social aspects Private industries donated Woman in endeavor soundness Sombre markets emerging Victories exaggerated for morale A lot of seed-plot Women are going to get further Jobs then they continually had gone so manifold men were balanceseas Social Effects Most went for frightlessness Gas engagement caused fproper (mustard gas) for soldiery Unpopular propers in Britain WWW consultation unpopular mass that they couldn't say bad trash environing the consultation Social Rights Huge seed-plot Illegal to test gob Social Application New opening of avocation Health, manufacturing guns Rectify stipulations Increase of nourishs Increase of rapture/services African Americans Opinion it would imallot them rectify composition and opening They cleave the sombres and unblemisheds into 92nd and 93rd infantry Weren't manifold sombres in the Ana Some fought alongface the French Awarded by French for their pluck Most women got factory Jobs and nourish Jobs Harlem Hellfire's It took them 4 trains and 2 ferries to rapture sombre veterans Punished for killing mass Pursuit turbulence at enencamp Discrimirealm Wanted conspicuous allowance and rectify endeavoring stipulations There was residential secession August Migration - sombres maintenance in the south saw opportunities for rectify endeavor and hither racism up north Go up north and observe for a locate to subsist Said they were told by mass that they can't subsist in a true allot of town Manifold sombres apascertain Henry Johnson were impartn awards for how difficult they fought Blacks felt apascertain they had to assay themselves The Negotiation of Versailles End cap of war This negotiation is so influential in conception WI Central Powers Germanifold - mil cheerhither Austral-Hugger -1. 2 mil cheerhither Turkey 325,000 cheerhither Bulgaria - 100,000 cheerhither Total mislayinges - 8. 5 mil cheerless, 2. Mil damaged The Big Three David Lloyd George (Britain), Clemencies (France), and Woodrow Wilson (America) Italy had an negotiation succeeding a while Germanifold when the war afloat and remained indifferent in the war until they finally faced succeeding a while Allied soundnesss This caused Italy to technically be the fourth Big kingdom in the war, but were not implicated in premonitioning of the negotiation abundantly Russia had Just gotten out of "Stalin's Purge" > august mislaying David Lloyd George of Britain deficiencyed Germanifold to be scourgeed but he didn't not deficiency to be kicked out of appointment for scourgeing to slight. His intent was to scourge Germanifold for their crimes but not o abundantly Woodrow Wilson didn't deficiency abundantly change-of-fix in the negotiation, he deemd it was up to Europe, but he stationary deemd in scourgeing Germanifold The solely subject he truly deficiencyed was a confederacy of actualms set in locate in Europe, The confederacy of Realm was a consultation of European countries endeavoring concurrently Clemencies deficiencyed vengeance of Germanifold Terms of Negotiation Soldierly Terms Germanifold was to hold a very poor phalanx The phalanx soundness was gentle to 100,00 men Solely 6 salt-water ships No tanks No air soundness No gas arms No oppressive band-arms General Terms of The Negotiation Germanifold had to further once for the war import he had to pay all the representation he caused, they had to pay balance 6 mil 6 hundred pounds and the restore their own kingdom. The confederacy of actualm was set up to hold the concord, but not the way Wilson deficiencyed it to be The Germans solely had two options, premonition the negotiation, or be invaded The negotiation gave abroad 13. % of Germany's locate to other countries and closely it all of it's colonies in other allots of universe It too demoralized the western allot of Germanifold for 1 5 years Sum: Germanifold had to interest reprobate for the war and took abroad it's arms Negotiation The negotiation was effectd from Jan 1919 to June 1919 The negotiation had 15 allots and 440 catechism IT ended the war officially on June 28 1919 The Germans afloat disobeying this variance in the sass's Hitler denounced negotiation alconcurrently in 1935 ON September 1, 1939 Hitler assaulted Polocate The application of WWW on Women beyond, traffic succeeding a while forestry, use and cars, police soundness, nourishs on the face method, fixing equipment, vulgar despatchs, loose sports,"hello girl" - telephone operators, aided despatch betwixt encroaches and lieutenants. Widowed, women had to appurpose to man, (PETS) Juggle succeeding a while course, kids,(solitary mom responsibility) Inparty the end of the war, men conclude end and deficiency all these Jobs end Women are old "it's your self-denying responsibility to go end home" soundnessd to go end home Men in phalanx deficiency their Jobs end from sombres and women Owing they played a key role in the administration, 19th punishment earn be passed - proper to utterance Flu Pandemic 1918 and 1919 Originated from Spain, they denominated it the Spanish flu Kills further mass than the war Roughly 20-40 favorite mass died Stipulations of engagement (grafting in facilities) going to forts and encamps and the stipulations that they subsist in are very congested If someone got the flu, it was amply caught Similar subject in the encroaches t Flu killed mass succeeding a whilein 24 hours, a lot of mass survived, but further mass died People war masks to frustrate from flu Resources were poor as to holding up succeeding a while the feeble Schools, churches, gems, to lay out bodies and aid mass Doctors and nourishs were in shortage Elevates to the purpose where your respiratory scheme and dignity causes your scheme to fall How the US Got Ready for WWW Exhaust mass (selective use act) Age 21-30 were exhausted Some volunteered 3 favorite men served Dodge exhaust, pious deduces to not conflict Raise capital Liberty obligations Espionage Act - worried environing others spying on us Go succeeding mass who aid the enemy German spies in US (terrorist from Germany) Sedition act Don't test consultation or the war endeavor Seed-plot Committee of Public notice Posters Movies Demonic or villainies Remember causes of war Harlem Hell conflicters Most honored phalanx Sombre mass Mass had their own stationary n ess Jazz) Jazz age came Women Women in WWW don't get abundantly actual observation Women did lots of munitions endeavor Dangerous endeavor, frequently past fingers, could cause their society They were the ones who made secure the men balanceseas had bullets, shells, guns, and uniforms in which to conflict. They pushed and moved oppressive trucks Learned to mix chemicals Assemble airplanes Learned to weld and rivet Got to utterance Endeavor means tools