Conduct some preliminary research on the initiatives and formation of one ACO in the state of Virginia

Watch this weak video:  Accountable Concern Organization (ACO) Trends in Healthconcern  1. Please resign a 4- to 5-page monograph in APA format, Times New Roman, double-spaced, 12 Font after a while at smallest 3 references that lists all types of managed concern delineations/products offered by your mistress and assimilate the features (e.g., employee consume sharing, guerdon aid, expert avail, immunity of provider valuable, and so on) betwixt these offered MCO delineations. If your mistress as-well offers a CDHP delineation, grasp it in your discourse.  2. Conduct some proemial elaboration on the initiatives and construction of one ACO the propound of Virginia a. How is this ACO systematic (it can be one of the five patterns,; closed-panel, staff pattern, collection pattern, disclosed panel or Independent Physician Association)?  b. How do payers pay this ACO?  c. How are payments nice unordered the providers after a whilein this ACO?  d. What are the sort measures used to evaluate the execution of this ACO? And what are the rewards and penalties for execution sort?    Start your elaboration by visiting the Integrated Healthconcern Association website: Side Note: You can use your own mistress, soldierly or another mistress. If likely, you can use the YMCA.