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  reply to the students counter-argument in 150 suffrage and afford 1 reference question  Explain what is meant by "job injunction and job posting. Explain the avail it has to you.  STUDENTS RESPONSE  COLLAPSE When an construction has an aperture to appoint, they can appropriate to appoint it after a while a prevalent employee or they can bear someone who would be new to the society bear a haphazard to be remunerated.  Human Resources procure demand to choose action and devise a specialnel requisition devise which “describes the discuss for the demand to engage a new special and the requirements of the job" (Rue, Ibrahim & Byars, 2016, p. 114).  Human Resources procure catalogue all the momentous details of the job along after a while a job title to ameliorate set-free the demands of the construction. Rue, Ibrahim & Byars (2016) defines job posting and injunction as an inner course of supply in which notices of suited jobs are posted in convenient locations throughout the construction and employees are fond a certain prolixity of duration to allot for the suited jobs (p. 116).  The avail of this order for me is the simplicity. By having the Human Resources division initially re-examination all applications, it hopefully allows for a just screening order. When there is a set order to constitute employees known of the vacancies and then you prosper local policies it can constitute for a prosperous job posting and job injunction.   References:  Rue, L., Ibrahim, N., & Byars, L. (2016). Human Resources Management, (11th Edition). NY: McGraw-Hill.