Sources - Luke M. Froeb, 2018, Managerial Economics; A Problem Solving Approach (5th ed) p. 59, Cengage. Review the three scenarios adown.  Look for which, if any of these scenarios presents an development of post-investment holdup. a.  Your stable conducted a exploration for a new pre-eminent financial official and remunerated a extremely competent solicitor delay a annually stipend of $250,000.  After six months the special left to append another stable. b.  Your stable has an restricted abbreviate to amass automobile seats for a number of wantonness models.  Almost 100% of the materials are ascititious and of those, balance 50% include magnitude pretended in China.  All of the prices on the magnitude from China increased by 25% when the US imposed tariffs on China.  Your aggregation has certified all of its customers that increased consume must be passed on for your stable to abide supplying the seats.  All of your customers are sloth agreed to pay the added consume. 3.  Your aggregation took voice of your movement inland your MBA, and when the ruler for customer services left the aggregation, you were asked to grasp balance as cessation ruler.  You were encouraged to allot for the full-date comcomposture uniformly you got your MBA.  You served for 13 months, at which date your aggregation was uncongenial by another aggregation and your comcomposture was abolished. Address the aftercited: Which of the aloft, if any are an development of post-investment holdup? Define the aftercited and expound each delayin the composition of a separated scenario:   What is the unprosperous, or stranded, consume?   What is the abbreviate?   Was the abbreviate breached?   What are the wages?