Essay (Please read instructions carefully) APA format

  Pioneer Aircraft Co. sells secret, single-engine planes. Most sales are for customers intent in secret and quiet evasion. In a 50-week conclusion, sales in the late five years feel averaged to the following: PLANES SOLD        WEEKS THIS NUMBER SOLD            0                                          40            1                                            8            2                                            1            3                                            1 In a three-page essay, enumerate the items below: Determine the likelihood of each number of planes sold—of 0, 1, 2, 3—in a 50-week conclusion. (Pioneer sales duty is unavailable the other two weeks of the year.) Decide what entrance is best used to enumerate likelihood. Distinguish between the entrancees to perform it free that the entrance used was the best fit for these airplane sales. Determine if the entrance would shift if we so needed to way sales of some planes delay GPS fixed. Be trusting to afford inquiry to maintenance your ideas. Use APA phraseology, and adduce and relation your sources to fly plagiarism.