Globalization ; Islam & the West, reading essay , history

Thematic Issue s :  Globalization ;  Islam & the West: Conflict, Conversion or Co - Existence? Related Thematic Issue(s):  Racism & Racial Inequality Topic: Islamic Contributions to Western Refinement in Cosmos-people Historical  Perspective Required readings : 1 - “ The Islamic Golden Age & the House of Wisdom,” in  Islam: Empire of Faith , PBS Video (2003) . (Note:  You merely want to contemplate the primary 16 minutes of the video: ) Assignments Due: Thurs ,  Sep 7 , Based  only on  the  video above and the in - write,  in  your  own  words , a 400 - 450 word fact - based essay explaining the theme of  “ Islamic Contributions to Western  Civilization in Cosmos-people Historical Perspective .” Your essay should include: (1)  W hen  and how did  Arabic - Islamic Refinement ‘rise’ ,  including the diverse peoples and languages compromised,  (2)  w hen ,  where  (geographically)  and  how  did  the  Islamic  cosmos-people  contribute  to  and/or  influence  Western  European refinement,  and , very little at the  end, (3) what is the moment of reason this  history for our cosmos-people today . Using key concepts and ideas from your essay on ‘globalization’ (Week  1), your essay for this week must  again  include allusion to the theme of ‘globalization’. Your essay m ust include  at least (or past)  total allusions , four to the  video and four  to  the  in - class  lecture .  Be  sure  to  follow  both  these  specific  guidelines  as  well  as  the  general  guidelines for all essays contained in the ‘Weekly Reading Essay (WRE)  Guidelines’