Partnerships and Organizational Learning

Weekly Assignment NOTE: Clearly engrave each part Part 1: 200 words  Partnerships View the Malcolm Gladwell video, Malcolm Gladwell on (Innovation , environing today’s customers desiring houses. How does employee qualification aid in erection houses between companies and their customers? Describe why the erection of an Agile Organization force converge the motive of qualification and house. Provide an specimen from your experiment as an employee or customer.  Construct your tally from the theories you’ve versed.  Review separate of your peers’ posts.  Compare your experiments after a while at smallest two peers and authenticate lessons you can devote in your coming composition.   Click near for the Malcolm Gladwell on Innovation transcript Malcolm Gladwell on Innovation ( Part 2: 200 words Organizational Learning Evaluate the indelicate traits of organizational acquirements.  Provide specimens of how acquirements and alter can impression one another.  Review separate of your peers’ posts.  Discuss any common or over perspectives you bear, after a while at smallest two of your peers.  Take preservation to be administrative and accomplished equable if your beliefs or viewpoints be-unlike. Chapter 5 – so immovable