Sociology Assignment due TODAY

  Read the aftercited essay, written by Antonio, a fourth-grade learner. The Swashbuckler in the Mirror Antonio, 4th Grade Mirror Ponder on the embankment why must I be the Bully that has to gravitate. I thrash on kids environing the school The ponder told me it wasn’t hopeful. The ponder told me to alter. My ways I possess thrash up kids all by days. I possess no friends. It’s proportioned not exact. The ponder said action you approve to encounter. I am a swashbuckler how could this be. The ponder is starting to Change me. Reflections are now flashing end to me. Someone place the origin internally of me. Now the ponder has shown me impecunious. I’ll alter my ways and start new days the swashbuckler is no further part-among-among of me. Any swashbuckler can alter Imagine that you are Antonio’s educationist. Antonio evidently wants to mould a alter. As a fourth grader, it is approximately unusable to do this uneven. Therefore, he has handed this match participation to you, his educationist. Understanding that this intercharge involves far further than you and Antonio, you achieve bequeath a drawing to acceleration him alter his fact and be a cheerful idiosyncratic. First, discover the Kenny (2007) expression and debate how Antonio’s “looking glass stubborn” has been influenced by the agents of socialization. Be permanent to interpret how this looking glass stubborn is cognate to his “answerability” and what role that has in his yearn to alter his action. Next, bequeath a recreation drawing for Antonio's alter: Share one precept or breath that can be completed delay the healthy adjust. The precept or breath should rendezvous on the avail of awareness and swashbuckler hinderance. Describe the precept or breath and how it achieve use the adjust as a healthy. List one proposal showing how the adjust can subsistence Antonio's alter. Interpret how you would acceleration your learners subsistence their anterior tormentor. List one strategy that you can acceleration Antonio utensil in adjust for him to alight on the exact method (e.g., literary-works, a cohibit roll, or a alter in method). Provide one prompting you would distribute delay Antonio's parents, so that this alter in action is a penny part-amongnership between you (the educationist), the cadet, and the parents. Use the counsel from your quotation and the Pacer’s National Bullying Hinderance Center website to imagine your drawing. You must apprehend two skilled sources in specification to the two loving. USE IN-TEXT CITATIONS!!! Criteria: Must be three to four double-spaced pages in prolixity, not including inscription and relation pages. Must apprehend at lowest two skilled sources in specification to the quotation and required sources. Must be formatted according to APA diction as outlined in the Ashford Match Center. Must apprehend a inscription and relation page formatted according to APA diction as outlined in the Ashford Match Center. Must be well-mannered-mannered unembarrassed and mirror college-level match.