Which of the aftercited is one of the two primary childrens that the recommendations of the 1947 Hutchins Commission on collective allegiance in journalism were installed on?        a. Society's thrift is     paramount.        b. Efficacy should be a calling     practice.        c. Corporate allegiance is     essential.        d. The prosperityful administration should be     written in stone.  Why do phone surveys introduce speaking religions challenges to academic or applied lore?        a. Phone surveys are frequently oppressive     to perceive from authoritative empire messages.        b. Phone surveys are frequently     veiled trys at sales pitches.        c. Phone surveys are frequently     iljuridical in contemplation and implementation.        d. Phone surveys are frequently     conducted from disproportionate offshore sites.  Aristotle's prosperityful average recommends you should "do unto others as you would accept them do unto you."       a. True   b. False Why is it weighty for journalists to, when scaremined for, custom confidentiality?        a. so that the family does     not accept the utility of using those homogeneous sources in the coming        b. so that the exoteric is kept     "in the dark" encircling the genuineness of the stories they air in to     hear or watch        c. so that they accept the hope     of citizens who may accept delayin notification encircling weighty stories        d. so that there is a step of     mystery in the notice, which can bring to important share and upper ratings  Pragmatic ethics were postulated by John Dewey, who argued that actions had to be judged by whether they adhered to a aim philosophy or superintendline, not by their results.       a. True   b. False Xavier and Juan accept started a dress corporation in which they signify to vend description branchren's dress to "the universe's branchren" at a participation of the require of other outfitters. And, delay the slender loophole of income they do construct, they pur-pose to endue abundant of that into a program that offers their dress uncounted to refinements in villages located in heterogeneous attributes where it is sorely needed. They omission the universe to be a attribute where "no branch goes delayout a shirt on his or her end." What faculty are Xavier and Juan most air-tight aftercited?        a. Aristotle's prosperityful average        b. the Bible's prosperityful administration        c. Immanuel Kant's affirmative     imperative        d. John Stuart Mill's faculty     of utility  Advertising has dispenset delay childrens of guarding consumer retirement through ________.        a. practicing diligence     self-regulation        b. creating authoritative     standards that are juridically enforced        c. creating juridical superintendlines in     collaboration delay the Federal Dealing Commission        d. using undulating firewalls     to guard axioms gathered  Which of the aftercited is an pattern of a journalist NOT using candor and redress in her is-sue?        a. Casey did not caggravate the     competing network's prosperityes at the awards rite accordingly it highlighted     their accomplishments.        b. Casey reputed on the     homeless position in her vicinity, level though she knew it would     mitigated classify good-natured-tempereds values.        c. Casey told her editor that     she refused to transcribe the season on the forcible criminal accordingly she felt     it glorified his actions.        d. Casey chose to properify her     legend on the vicinity watch, as in the chief recital on it she had     inadvertently made an fallacy in certainty.  Imagine you are a authoritative notice recitaler for The Baltiaggravate Sun. If your editor asks you to watch the "disguise of ignorance" when recitaling on drugs in the vital city, what is he unquestionably endueigation?        a. He omissions you to confabulation a     random pattern of inhabitants from vital city Baltiaggravate to get a aggravate realistic     picture.        b. He omissions you to convoy     preliminary confabulations anteriorly balbutiation endground personateative on the children.        c. He omissions you to construct a     concerted exertion to exude out your own stereotypes encircling family and indigence     when letter the legend.        d. He omissions you to construct unquestioning you     use unamazed expressions when letter the legend to construct it easier to discover.  Journalists accept to be scrupulous and cowardly, as there are no religions limits on uncounted oration.       a. True   b. False Gloria's lore team is looking into how efficient their new "Community Clean-Up" ad engagement authority be. In doing so, they are using Potter's Box to opine through the ethics of the engagement and rationalize their firmnesss. What rank are they in if they are now regarding whether the images used in their engagement conquer efficiently scare littering in the vital city vicinitys of Boston?        a. Quadrant 3        b. Quadrant 4        c. Quadrant 1        d. Quadrant 2  Which of the aftercited is a key distinction betwixt efficacy and ethics?        a. Ethics are not required for     good-tempered instrument calling customs, forasmuch-as efficacy is required.        b. Efficacy is not required for     good-tempered instrument calling customs, forasmuch-as ethics are required.        c. Efficacy is the power to     apprehend fair and wickedness, ethics are the criterions of good-natured-tempered-tempered style.        d. Ethics reintroduce the power     to apprehend fair and wickedness, efficacy is the criterion of good-natured-tempered-tempered style.  What do instrument ethics codes try to do?        a. Implement juridical criterions     that are enforceable throughout the diligence.        b. Set a criterion or act as a     superinguard for religions firmness making.        c. Advance an environment where     all use each other delay regard.        d. Create a accurate set of administrations     for all instrument personnel to thrive.  When notice anchor Leona Simpson says "Stay aird: After the curb we'll be revealing how toxic the drinking infiltrate authority be in your vicinity," proper anteriorly going far to a wholesale, this is a serene pattern of _______.        a. irruption of retirement        b. confidentiality        c. sensationalism        d. inaccuracy  Which of the aftercited BEST encapsulates Potter's Box?        a. a criterion by which to feed     morally and religionsly        b. a criterion by which to use     others and be useed in return        c. a way appropinquation to     deciding on religions actions        d. a administration from deity to superinguard     actions and style  Since Alexandra is looking for public facultys that underlie her options, she is in Quadrant 3 of Potter's Box.       a. True   b. False What are the key aims in Aristotle's prosperityful average?        a. union and symmetry       b. resignation and virtue        c. sobriety and redress        d. veneration and regard  Which of the aftercited is NOT one of the five superintendlines listed for the comcompress by the 1947 Hutchins Commission?        a. Give generic coverage of what was     known encircling companionship.        b. Regard not singly the legend,     but besides those to whom the legend is reputed.        c. Introduce averageingful notice,     accurate and disjoined from judgment.        d. Serve as a forum for the     change of expound and censure.  Sam, in trying to use Potter's Box to superinguard himself through an religions quandary, is at the aim where he is endueigation himself whether his firmness personates his values of uprightness and hopeworthiness rather than proper making his instrument firm's depth cord stronger and aggravate fascinating. Which rank is he in?        a. Quadrant 3       b. Quadrant 2        c. Quadrant 4        d. Quadrant 1  In her day-to-day responsibilities, Maggie has to dispense delay dozens of top executives, managers, and other co-workers. This early, she had a bad knowledge delay one of those co-workers when he skined at her for not supplying him delay a recital promptly plenty. Rather than skin end, Maggie smiled, kept her tranquility, promptly printed the recital, and delivered it to his desk. She did this accordingly she omissions to use all of her co-workers in the homogeneous style that she omissions them to use her, delay politeness and regard. Which of the aftercited facultys is Maggie adhering to?        a. the disguise of ignorance        b. the prosperityful administration        c. the prosperityful average        d. the faculty of utility  Which of the aftercited LEAST exemplifies "glocal"?       a. A Brazilian soap opera that     is genericcast dark to the United States via cable TV delay wholesales.       b. U.S. dark notice simulcasts     seen in uncertain size of Europe, compensated for delay open catalogue dollars.           c. A U.S./Mexico soccer contest     dispersed in twain countries and sponsored by Chevrolet.       d. Global coverage of the U.S.     presidential family by instrument outlets from total retreat of the universe map.  Which of the aftercited is a superior children when it comes to Hollywood films NOT making their way to other nations or tract-of-lands in the universe?       a. the application of the personateative on     other refinements       b. the logistics of sending and     receiving the personateative       c. the copyfair childrens     entangled delay the personateative       d. the economics of buying and     selling the personateative  Those who reflect the ordinary interdiplomatic runs of notification and refinement inadequate guard to emphasize _______ as properification for a kingdom's asserting restrain aggravate instrument runs.       a. interdiplomatic law       b. globalization       c. open sovereignty       d. privatization  The purpose of a uncounted run of notification goes counter the basic concept of uncounteddom of oration.       a. True   b. False Even though Americans enjoy the provincial refer of some European television, movies, and hush, they guard to adopt most of their instrument from their own or a homogeneous refinement accordingly it is aggravate household and shareing to them.       a. True   b. False Historically, dealing in television betwixt countries has been shaped in-great-measure by _______.       a. geography       b. economics       c. advertising       d. language  The new hit semblance Buenos Noches is wildly beloved in Mexico and besides very abundant so in Guatemala and Puerto Rico. Which of the aftercited is TRUE encircling this new semblance?       a. It has ground a     cultural-linguistic chaffer.       b. It has befit globalized.       c. It has befit twain openized     and globalized.       d. It is a accurately openized     chaffer it enjoys.  Which of the aftercited BEST exemplifies cultural imperialism?       a. Brazilian soap operas are     dispersed to literally millions of Brazilian-born inhabitants in cities     throughout the United States, where they feed, is-sue, and reproduce-exhibit.       b. Russian television genericcasts     throughout Eastern Europe yet virtually no Eastern European programming has     ever been watched by Russians in their own kingdom.       c. The U.S./Mexico brim has     long been a attribute in which millions of pirated films, hush CDs, and other     forms of illegally-obtained nourishment crosses aggravate.       d. The Great Wall of China is     sometimes referred to as the "Great Firewall" of China, gone no     Internet services are available in that kingdom to the wide-spread superiority of its     citizens.  Shows enjoy Big Brother and The Voice, that are very abundant a emanation of their own tract-of-land or kingdom delay belovedity that stretches out to abundant other nations are _______.       a. twain openized and globalized           b. neither openized nor     globalized       c. singly globalized       d. singly openized  Why do the ITU and the Universe Bank permit open empires and exotic endueors to endue aggravate funds in expanding of developing universe telephone and Internet systems, such as increasing Internet capabilities and coverage in these size of the universe?       a. They respect it conquer construct for     important family.       b. They respect it conquer curb     down collective barriers.       c. They respect it conquer     contribute to economic development.       d. They respect it conquer bring to     universe order.  Which of the aftercited BEST exemplifies cyber hostilities?       a. Soviet missiles being     programmed delay heat-sensing technology for coming use in war.       b. French fighter pur-posees     equipped delay sonar technologies that consciousness very miniscule movements.       c. Chinese instruction officers     intercepting U.S. cell phone conversations through tail.       d. The United States temporarily     damaging Iranian nuserene capabilities through computer viruses.  Because Daniella wished to be end settlement, and so concealed herself delay Brazilian friends, buttress, and hush, she desired _______.       a. cultural vicinity       b. a gopen setting       c. globalization       d. tract-of-landalizaion  Based on Figure 18.1 in your citationbook, what can be said encircling the run of instrument betwixt the United States and South America?       a. It runs in twain directions,     delay South America sending aggravate than it receives.       b. It is a one-way run, from     South America to the United States.       c. It runs in twain directions,     delay the United States sending aggravate than it receives.       d. It is a one-way run, from     the United States to South America.  Based on Figure 18.1 in your citation, which kingdom or tract-of-land would you say has the most level change of instrument betwixt itself and other countries/regions?       a. Africa       b. South America       c. Japan       d. The United States  Even though nations disagree culturally and collectively, they are occasionally _______.       a. globalized       b. isolated       c. openistic       d. openized  Smaller than global, but larger than open, cultural-linguistic chaffers uplift on transopen cultural vicinity.       a. True   b. False Which of the aftercited countries would enjoyly accept the first prosperity is exporting television and other instrument to Mexico?       a. Brazil       b. Canada       c. Japan       d. Spain  Regionalization of instrument is promptly diminishing and blighted.       a. True   b. False Which of the aftercited is TRUE of interdiplomatic dealing in instrument?       a. It is influenced by the WTO.       b. It closely regularly sees correspondent     balance.       c. It excludes fully all of     Asia.       d. It is regularly a one-sided     flow.