Based on the alchemist

Highlighted Lection Skills and Strategies: Free Critical Reading Reading Activity: Students are to devote free lection skills to The Alchemist. Students are to go to “OER Required Representative by Week” on Blackboard and interpret and argue in class representative rest underneathneath “Week 8”, which offers “Quality Tools: The Purpose and Commodities Diagram”. Writing Style: Purpose and Commodities Essay Prompt: When students preinterpret and preview the quantity The Alchemist they collect the maincharacter is traveling in inquiry of a luck. Santiago, the quantity’s protagonist, meets manypeople during the recital, and everyone applications his spirit unequally. In a five (5) paragraph essay use the purpose and commodities sample of form to argue how aking, a gypsy dame, and an Englishman application Santiago’s spirit. Student Learning Outcome: Use prelection and lection skills Identify a sample of form through use of key opinion and phrases. Demonstrate ability to devote a sample of form Demonstrate understanding of MLA congeniality guidelines Use fictional textual buttress from one doer in an essay