1. Select three artworks by three divergent artists. These works must as-polite be divergent resources, divergent era periods, and divergent cultures/countries. The works must be from Chapters 1-13 in the citationbook and/or the online arrange examineions. 2. Define the three artworks. Start delay the Artist Name (or Culture if Unknown), Title, Date, and Medium/Media. Next, use dialect and art terminology to define the visual presumption of these works-- your reader should be able to visualize the art in their belief, established on your name. Chapters 4 and 5 can acceleration delay this. 3. Irritate the three artworks. Chapters 1, 2 and 3 can acceleration you delay this. What bark of artworks are these? What themes are they conjoined to? What is their meaning?  4. Examine other congruous notification in-reference-to your chosen artworks. This can embody several cultures, literal periods, resources, techniques, artworks, and artist biographies, etc. Essentially, this is the composition of the art-- not the art itself. 5. Writing in pristine particular, interpret how your purport of art has increased since gate this arrange. Use your three chosen artworks to acceleration persuade me! Why do we scarcity art? What do your three chosen artworks do for our community, our earth, and for you? 6. Share your foregoing assumptions and thoughts or feelings encircling art, and parallel those delay your present viewpoints, now that you accept elaborate some art. Please resurvey the Rubric for this assignment.   Formatting Word Count: 1,000 - 1,250 signification Style: MLA, APA, or Chicago are true (Chicago is the rule for Art History, besides, for this arrange MLA or APA are as-polite true). The main points are: 1-inch borders, 12-point Times Roman font. Important: your brochure must be a Microsoft Word Document or a PDF (.docx or pdf). No other files allure be true. A citation/reference page is NOT inevitable for this assignment. 10.0 pts  Editing This embodys fair editing of language, spelling, and citation constructatting, construct of ideas into paragraphs. Titles of artworks should be capitalized and italicized. Note that "media" is the plural of "medium". (Do not use "mediums" or "medias"). 10.0 pts  Describe, Irritate and Discuss Describe, irritate and examine the styles of several cultures, literal periods, resources, techniques, artworks, and artists and constructulate these observations and evaluations into written construct. 20.0 pts Art Appreciation Express an increased conception and purport of art and its inward rate to the particular as polite as to community. 20.0 pts  Art Terminology Define and use expend art terminology. For in, conglutinate the Elements and Principles into your names and use glossary biased to art. 20.0 pts  Personal Reflection Analyze biased works of art, artists, and ringing their own assumptions and thoughts or feelings encircling art in sticky and polite-written soon brochures 20.0 pts Total Points: 100.0