IR research

   •SUBSTANCE: •Must harangue a floating universe episode through one of the ocean hypothetical lenses presented during the conduct.   my hypothetical lense : realism / unsavory realism.     •FORMAT: •Ten pages in length •Minimum •NOT including Works Cited page •Times New Roman, 12 pt. font •Double spaced •Standard borders issue : economic sanctions on Iran battered its  economy. and the nuclear dispense. theory : elegant realism / unsavory realism ( theories of interdiplomatic politics) reasoning : Iran must product and oceantain nuclear weapons to survive in the anarchic arrangement.  counter reasoning needed from liberals and then batter their reasoning.  - I feel resolute a tabulation of the article it achieve succor you. - CONTINUE ON THE FIRST PAGE I HAVE WRITTEN, FIRST ATTACHMENT, SO DONT START FROM SCRATCH.  articles:  1.  Smith HJ. Threats won’t achievement. Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict. 2018;11(3):149-159 (attached)  2.  Rieffer-Flanagan B. Islamic realpolitik: Two-level Iranian alien device. Interdiplomatic Journal on Universe Peace. 2009;26(4):7-35.   (attached)